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George Keywood

Photo Credit: Owen James Vincent

Interview: Amy Bell

People Just Do Nothing star, George Keywood talks to us about life after the hit show, being a TikTok star with his wife Sienna and we discuss how important body positivity and mental health can be. 

Hi George, Thanks for talking to ReVamp. What have you been up to since ‘People Just Do Nothing’?

Well for a while I just sat there and ate [laughs]. My partner and I have sort of built up this Tik Tok empire. We made something out of nothing, we used that time from the lockdown and coronavirus, all of those difficult times and we turned it into something positive. At first, it was so small and then it went viral! We thought 1000 views was viral then it went to 10 million, 12 million and that’s viral! But I’ve been busy, I’m engaged now, we’re planning to get married this year and we’ve got a son of two years old. 

So I feel like I’ve grown up since the series, I’ve had my fun and games and now I’m on this dad life and this Tik Tok vibe. I’m really happy with where I am in my life! 

What is your favorite memory of the show?

So many great times with all those boys as they were like a second family to me! I think one thing, in particular, was I was doing this scene with Hugo Chegwin who plays Beats. Every time Craig would go in to the kitchen to get his ham, Beats would catch him, we would clock eyes and we couldn’t stop laughing. The crew and director were a bit confused by thinking why are these two laughing? It was like an inside joke between us! Series 1 & 2 were a blast! I really enjoyed it, a real family vibe. We had great chemistry on and off camera.

How were you scouted for the show and how do you think the show has helped your confidence?

Originally I found the show through a casting director of Series 1 and I’ve done a couple of commercials prior to this and sort of made a connection, she would message me from time to time with castings. She told me she had a TV show coming up with the BBC and she asked me to be part of it but it was one of those things where I took it with a pinch of salt. A few weeks later I got an email from the BBC about a comedy show and couldn’t believe it! I went for the audition and there were a few cast members there with the director, it was scary at first and then we had that instant connection and the show has helped me with my confidence in being a plus-size male. When you’ve got 20 people around on set watching you, it just becomes the norm and you just get used to it. The show has helped me with my mental health, financially and just being myself! 

You have a TikTok account about being body positive and falling in love with your body, why is it so important for people with a platform to talk about body positivity and confidence?

It’s massively important to use your social media networks to share positivity rather than negative. I noticed that Tik Tok creators as such would try and avoid serious topics, you go on to their live streams and it’s all about promoting stuff, I know we do the same but we like to talk about serious stuff. Also being topless on TikTok, I do show people that you can do it! People feel like they’re ugly and insecure about the way they look that I want them to be themselves and show them it’s ok and that I’m happy! 

Normally people who write negative stuff have something going on in their own life! 

You have a large following on TikTok, how did you gain so many followers in such little time?

I think it started with me being a plus-size actor, people recognizing me from the TV show, and also my partner being a slim, attractive woman who used to do personal training and stuff. So I think when people saw me next to her they thought oh this is weird! People couldn’t understand it! We’ve built such a huge following because half of them are trolls and the other half support us. 

We push our boundaries, we would act as bad actors than doing a TikTok dance, and also we keep bringing out content about our lives and comments that people leave us. We just like taking the piss out of ourselves!

You have a new documentary coming out soon, can you give us a sneak peek of this documentary and when it will be out?

So it’s coming out in the next couple of months. It’s a Channel 5 documentary and it’s about a plus-size man being happy and being himself. It’s the complete opposite of a documentary about a plus-size man trying to lose weight. It’s all being confident and embracing who you are! It is also about us searching for our wedding, so you see us going around London and getting stuff for our wedding. 

Fair play to Channel 5 because they really stuck to it! It’s all about being happy! 

For people who are struggling with body confidence, what is 1 piece of advice you would give to them?

Be happy, be positive, don’t judge yourself! People are already judging you, let them judge but be yourself and once you’re happy in your own body then you’re happy! 

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