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Gathering of Strangers

8th September 2022

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Gathering of Strangers are one of Manchester’s most talked about rock bands at present. Combining captivating classic rock and the energy of your favourite modern-day indie pop artist, Conor, Tom, Andre, Bruce and Peter come together to form the explosive guitar rock five-piece. With thunderous high-octane energy, adrenalised anthemic vocals and rapacious riffs, Gathering of Strangers are creating a dynamic driving force into the rock scene. 

Their latest single “Red and Gold” ignites that feel-good fever that is certain to spread love and spark a shared sense of happiness. Creating a euphoric soundtrack that perfectly depicts the moment just after sunset, the tune resembles the colourful illuminations of the sky. They explain, “Red and Gold is simply about having the time of your life with your lover or your family. Simply dancing from sunset to sunrise all night long.” Depicting synonymous summer moments with lavish lyricism, rocketing guitar melodies and blaring bass lines, they’ve created a truly exhilarating anthem. 

Hey, Gathering of Strangers! Congratulations on the release of your new single ‘Red & Gold’. How has the response been to the song?

Thank you so much! The response has been massive, way more than we imagined. It’s our first single that we have never played live before release. We wrote it and recorded it straight away without anyone hearing it, so it was a massive leap in the dark for us. But it’s gone down so well and now everyone is buzzing to get to a show to hear it. 

Where did the inspiration for the track come from?

The song is about having the time of your life during these summer months when the sun is setting, turning the sky golden and then partying throughout the night. The excitement to be able to do that again after not being able to for so long was too hard not to go and capture in a song. 

You’ve performed at the O2 Ritz and Shepherds Bush Empire which is awesome! How was the experience?

Those experiences were magical! Those were the venues that we watched our favourite bands play, so to then get on them stages and perform where they did was a surreal feeling. We felt way too comfortable up there. 

Check out the music audio to 'Red & Gold' by Gathering of Strangers.

Are there any artists that you would love to collaborate with?

We have always said we’d love to work with ‘Nothing but Thieves’. They’re a band we always looked up to when writing and performing ourselves. We feel we share a certain musical connection and mindset with them. It would be a dream to sit down and write some music with them. 

Have you got any more plans for the rest of 2022? More music?

The rest of 2022 will be more music. Getting as much music out there is something we feel is so important for us as a band now. Performing a show and everyone knowing the songs is an unbelievable feeling. We want that for our whole set now. 

Lastly, any messages you would like to say to your ReVamp readers?

Just Thank you for taking the time to listen to what we put out and please come see us live if you like it. We pride ourselves on our live shows so would love to share that experience with you all. 

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