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Gabriella Uhl 

15th August 2022

Photographer: Michael Creagh

Interview: Amy Bell

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography Assistant: Julianna Hood 

Stylist:  Shirlee Idzakovich

Assistant Stylist: Emily Marshburn

Hair: Jason Linkow 

Makeup: Marc Cornwall 

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

Our latest cover star goes to Gabriella Uhl who plays Patrice in the new Netflix movie '13: The Musical'.  We chat to Gabriella about her role in the musical, auditioning for the role and we ask Gabriella who her dream co-star would be!

Hi Gabriella, tell us a bit about your acting journey, how did you get into the acting world?

When I was very young, both of my parents were professional musicians and being on stage/backstage was just normal for me. I started taking dance classes when I was almost 4 years old, and I loved pretending and telling stories in performance. I used to go to my older sister's voice lessons and I wanted to sing, too, so I started studying voice when I was 5. 

You appeared in the musical ‘School Of Rock’, what was it like traveling and performing in such a popular musical?

I love traveling and it was so amazing to get to see 63 cities on that tour! In every city, I had to work with a new local dresser who helped me with one super fast costume change. Before opening night in each city, I would rehearse the quick change with the local dresser. I was on the tour from opening to closing and the crew became our extended family. I still keep in touch with a lot of the cast and crew today!

Sunglasses— Osiris Hart / Jewelry - Ace of Hearts 

What do you think was the best scene out of ‘School Of Rock’?

My favorite scene was when Lexie Dorsett Sharp, who played Rosalie, sang "Where Did the Rock Go." Lexie was an incredible role model -- she sang that song flawlessly every single performance for every new audience. I learned a lot from her about how to take care of my body and my voice when I was performing 8 shows a week and I still look up to her. 

When you are getting ready for an audition, what does your typical routine look like on this day?

Most of my auditions now, including my auditions for "13: The Musical," are online, so part of getting ready is making sure my audition space isn't messy. I choose an outfit that suits the role I'm auditioning for and I style my hair accordingly, too. I like to spend a few minutes with my audition materials before it's time to tape. Someone in my family usually reads the other characters off-camera. 

Blue Dress - Vintage 

Do you have a dream co-star?

I would LOVE to sing with Anna Kendrick! She's been in so many of my favorite musical movies (Into the WoodsThe Last Five YearsPitch Perfect) and she was nominated for a Tony when she was just 12 years old! I would love to work with and learn from her. 

You're starring as ‘Patrice’ in Netflix’s ‘13: The Musical,’ how excited are you for this to be released?

Oh my gosh, ALL THE WAY!! I had the experience of my life making this movie and I can't wait for die-hard "13" fans and a whole new audience to see it. The movie is going to be a different product than the stage show, and everyone is going to love it! 

Designer : Jennifer Vincent

Can you tell us more about Patrice?

Patrice is Evan's first friend when he moves to Indiana. She's intrigued by Evan because he is different from the kids she's gone to school with and struggles to fit in with her whole life in Walkerton. She's a loyal friend and is eager to grow up and get out of Walkerton. 

What did a typical day of rehearsals for this look like for you?

Making this movie was not a typical experience because we did it during the pandemic. We did some rehearsals over Zoom, and the in-person rehearsals were always with masks on or outside. When I wasn't called to rehearse music or choreography, I was expected to be logging school hours. I really loved working on Patrice's songs with the music team. Georgia Stitt and the team gave me a lot of advice about how to sing my best versions of the songs and I learned so much from that process. 

Accessories - Christian Siriano 

Do you feel you have related to her in any way while at school?

I was last in a classroom when I was in 4th grade, which is the year I started really pursuing auditions and studying dance, voice, and acting. The other kids were starting to form groups and I didn't really fit in, but I didn't mind that I was different. Once I started booking work and spending more time in creative spaces, I more easily found friends with common interests. I've also had a group of really special and loyal best friends at my dance studio since I was 4 years old. 

What made you drawn to this project and why did you audition for this role specifically?

In the stage show, Patrice is a complex character who sings my favorite songs! I grew up listening to the Broadway Patrice, Allie Trimm, and have wanted to play this role since I first heard it when I was 6 years old. 

Accessories- Ace Of Hearts  

What are you most looking forward to for the release?

I'm most excited for the soundtrack to come out! Fans of the original Broadway show as well as new fans of the movie will love hearing old favorites and new songs. Jason Robert Brown's music sounds as good now as it did when "13" was on Broadway. Recording the soundtrack was my favorite part of being in the movie. 

Where can readers follow you on social media?

@gabriellauhl on Instagram!

You can catch Gabriella in her new movie 13: The Musical on Netflix now!

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