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24th August 2023

Interview: Lizzie Carter

ReVamp chats with Franchón to learn more about her inspiring story as the longest reigning and first female undisputed super middleweight boxing champion of the world and a rising music sensation. With the release of Franchón's debut single 'Secret Place,' she reveals 'music was her first love before boxing.' 

Having played violin and flute in school, Franchón was always musically inclined, but her mother saw first how gifted she really was. From a DIY fake makeshift studio to auditioning on the American Idol stage, Franchón reveals she got into boxing to lose weight and fit the unrealistic stereotypical pop star standards. 

Today, Franchón presents fearless and confident, and she knows how to win and how to inspire. Talking about her new single 'Secret Place,' she elaborates on how unique the writing process was, as she recorded in the same booth as one of the biggest stars in the world. Read our interview to find out who. 

Thank you very much for answering our questions. To start off, could we circle back to your childhood, how was it in terms of music?

My mother was a good singer, she actually sung in this low tone. She spoke in a similar tone to me, but when she sang it was like in a low tone. It was distinctive and soothing to me. My big brother liked to sing too. We used to have singing contests for who could hold the note the longest. He would win, but I eventually started winning lol. My mother made sure that music was in my life. I think she saw something before me. She had me taking violin lessons and I was an all city violinist at an elementary school in Virginia, which was kind of cool. I did the recorder/flute in school but I think I was always musically inclined, because I was academically gifted in math and science so kind of went hand-in-hand.

Was music always your passion?

Music has always been a part of my life from a young age. It was actually my first love before boxing so a lot of things I do now, I didn’t know were such a huge part of my life as a child, but yes music has always been a passion. 

Do you remember you realised you wanted to be an artist?

When I became 11 to 12 I realized I wanted to write and make music I used to have my fake makeshift studio and make my own songs. Even when I got older and had studio experience I was engineering and mixing my own songs in the studio so yeah it was in me.

How is it standing on the American Idol auditioning stage?

It was a realization at a very young age that showed me everything is not what it seems.  People see on TV that you’re in front of these judges, but they don’t know you have to go through two other sets of judges just to get approval to go there. There’s hours of waiting, days of auditioning, so many different variables and would you see that 15 second or one minute clip on TV, it’s just the end result. It is so much like boxing. You could watch my fight and think, oh she did this and she didn’t do that, but you don’t know a lot of the things that lead up to it. You just have to put your best foot forward just like on American Idol. I didn’t get the ticket to go, but I got so much more and that’s the type of attitude I take with boxing, no matter if I win, lose or draw, I’m still going to come out on top and win. 

How do you think that experience affected your life?

That experience helped shaped me. Once I look back I can truly say, wow I’ve got some pretty drastic situations on national TV. I basically got rejected on national TV, I’ve made history on national TV, I’ve had some questionable moments on national TV, so if I can deal with that, I can deal with anything.

To fast forward, you’re also the undisputed super middleweight boxing champion of the world, how did you get into boxing initially?

I started boxing just to lose weight for singing, so I can fit into the stereotypical pencil thin pop star spaces that they had at the time, but I only started boxing to lose weight. Boxing changed my life in a drastic way, a positive way and that’s why I stuck with it. 

You’re working on your debut album while also training for your upcoming fight, is it difficult to split your life into different dreams? 

No, it’s not difficult to split my life into different spaces, because they all coincide. Boxing takes a lot, but it’s also self-expression. When I’m kind of fed up with that I can go singing,  same way when I’m fed up with singing I can go box.

What part of your boxing attributes are you able to incorporate in your singing career?

Well my boxing attributes that I can incorporate into my singing career is that I’m fearless and powerful. Unorthodox things may not be pretty all the time, but in the end I know how to win. I know how to make people feel good and I know how to inspire.       

How was the recording process of your debut single ‘Secret Place’?

The recording process for ‘Secret Place’ was intense, but so fun. I felt like I was put in a situation, where I had to show what I really had and I passed the test. I got to work with Grammy nominated producer C-Rod, so it felt good. I felt like I belonged and he was such a pleasure to work with. I had my husband & manager in there and we just all rocked out.  It was positive vibes, it was sushi and was just a great experience. The cool thing about it, I recorded it in the same booth that Megan Thee Stallion recorded ‘Savage,’ so I definitely was in my hot girl mood. 

Could you reveal anything about your upcoming album?

My upcoming album won’t be released until top of 2024, but it’s going to be influenced by R&B, dance, pop and I think it is going to be something cool that everybody can enjoy, even a little trap music. I’ll be happy. 

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