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18th November 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Brit alt-pop trio Flawes’ dedication to their craft has made them one of the UK’s most exciting new bands. Their debut album ‘Highlights’ and the lockdown-era EP ‘Reverie’ put them on the cusp of a major breakthrough, their anthemic

style leading to praise from Billie Eilish, sessions with Finneas, and extensive airplay at Radio 1. Meanwhile, their tight, dynamic live performances have resulted in unforgettable sets at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, as well as a sold-out London headline show at Omera.

Hi guys, how did you all group together and what was your journeys before the band formed? 

Huss: Hello! Well me and JC went to high school together, so we’ve known each other for quite some time! We bumped into each other in London in 2015 and JC was writing some music and needed a drummer and ‘hey presto’ I was in. We met Freddie through a mutual friend and it's fair to say it was love at first sight. We’ve never looked back. Prior to flawes we were all session musicians playing for a variety of acts. We each learned a lot from that experience and are so grateful that it led us to where we are now. 

You have performed at Reading and Leeds festival, how has that made you feel but also knowing you are Radio 1’s breakthrough act, what are them feelings like and how do you celebrate?

Freddie: They were big moments for the three of us! We all spent our teenage years going to both Reading and Leeds so to be performing up on stage was very surreal. Our close friends and families came to watch too - it was a great weekend! We’re super thankful for the support R1 have shown us over the years, they’re a big part of how we got signed to our record label so we’ll always have a soft spot for them.

You have your new single ‘Is it Any Wonder’, out now, how do you organise the song amongst others and how do you all take part in the writing of the single?

JC : Is it any wonder is one of the more energetic flawes songs, filled with energy and passion. It’s a lot more bold, confident and to the point than any previous songs I would say. In terms of writing, we don’t like to put any unnecessary pressures so each song differs from the last. For Is It Any Wonder, it was one of the fastest songwriting processes, one where it all naturally fell into place really easily. I wrote the melodies, chords and lyrics, then Freddie added the guitar solo and Huss wrote the drum part.

What was the message behind the single and what do you want others to feel when they are listening to this song? 

JC : It’s all about coming to the conclusion that a relationship isn’t healthy, and it’s time to end it. It sums up the exact moment you’ve decided to cut ties. It’s an empowering, confident song that takes matters into your own hands so I’d like people to feel empowered when listening. 

When you are in the recording studio, recording and writing, what is the process like and how do you all maintain a work life balance?

Freddie: We always try to make the studio a fun and open environment; no idea is a bad one! You have to feel heard and you need to be willing to explore ideas, even if you can’t see them working at first. We always make sure we take a nice break for food and sometimes a bottle of whiskey will make an appearance to really get the creative juices flowing haha. Once I’m home I like to turn off my phone so that I’m present with my loved ones (but it’s sometimes tricky to switch off when you have an idea going through your head!).

What are your favourite lyrics from this single? 

JC: I think my favorite lyric is in the second half of the chorus. 

“And when the tide goes out and you can see the things you couldn’t”

It likens the tide to the situation I was in, the idea being that, when the tide is in, the seabed is covered, all the rubble and mess on the beach is hidden away. The same way that all the negative things within a relationship are really hard to isolate and spot whilst in that moment. However, when the tide goes out and the seabed is no longer covered, it’s much easier to see all of those undesirable things that were masked before. 

What is next for you?

Huss: We’ve been working hard on writing lots of new music, so watch this space. I’m sure you’ll be hearing some of that soon. Performing live is what we love doing the most, so hopefully playing as many shows as we can in 2023. We have a show in London on the 27th January which we’re so excited about. Can’t wait to see all your faces again!  

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