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Fiona Lennon

3rd April 2024

Interview: Amy Bell

Fiona released her debut single, an upbeat love song, 'A Little Longer' in March 2021, receiving good reviews and being named track of the week on BBC Introducing Merseyside. Since then, her second single 'You Really Got A Hold On Me' was released in May and both releases have been a regular feature on BBC Introducing. Her musical style contains elements of folk, pop, rock, and soul. Fiona has recently completed studying at Liverpool Media Academy and plans to continue writing songs and releasing music. 

Hi Fiona! Describe yourself in 3 words. 

Passionate, dedicated, and thoughtful.

Have you always wanted to be in the music industry, and who inspired you to start creating music?

I’ve always loved singing since I can remember. When I was younger I would sing in choirs and go to singing lessons and only dreamed of being able to perform and create music but it was only in the past couple of years after going to university to do a music course, that I knew I wanted to be in the music industry, where I began writing and playing guitar.  I’ve always really loved Beyonce and Alicia Keys and used to practice singing their songs whenever I could using YouTube karaoke and would watch videos of them performing thinking I wish that could be me one day.

When you were growing up, were you encouraged and how did you recognize you had a talent for it? 

I was encouraged for sure, my mum would take me to singing lessons and singing competitions, I originally began by singing classical music but then as I got older I wanted to explore more mainstream pop, folk, and rock. When I was at school maybe about 8 or 9 years old I was in a choir and it was my choir teacher who told my mum to put me in singing lessons as she recognized my voice

Your new single ‘Please Don’t Say My Name’, is such a good song, and very relatable, what was the inspiration behind the new single?

Thank you so much, I wanted to write something that would be relatable. The song is inspired by being in a situation where you’re confused, and you have doubts about yourself but at the same time you know you’re worth and what you’re capable of, and that person is holding you back or bringing you down when they keep coming back into your life or even just thinking about them is getting in the way of you bettering yourself. It’s also about all those conflicting emotions. 

I take a lot of inspiration from songs that I listen to which vary all the time, and also take inspiration from shows or films I watch and books that I’ve read. I love anything romantic or to do with heartbreak. Production I guess and the band was inspired by the likes of maybe Florence and the Machine, Fleetwood Mac and CMAT.

What is your recording/writing process like and what do you prefer out of them both?

When writing a song I usually like to write the lyrics and chords on my own on an acoustic guitar because it’s personal and then I would bring it to my band who adds the instrumentation and sometimes a song completely changes that way which is cool. Recording wise me and the band will work with a producer who helps us add even more to the song I love being in the studio, but I think I prefer the writing process a little bit more. 

Is ‘Please Don’t Say My Name’, something that you have been through personally, and if it is,  what is one message you want to portray in the single? 

Yes, I have been through these feelings personally before, I think most people have and I think the message is that things will get better if you keep going and trying to move on, even when you’re holding on to someone, and don’t let those feelings get the better of you. 

What has the feedback been since you have released the single?

The feedback has been good, people seem to love the great song!

What is next for you? 

I have some shows coming up with the band, Soundcity in May and Birkenhead Live in August and we’re back in the studio soon to record more songs!

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