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Fiona Frills

5th April 2022

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

As featured in Forbes, Bustle, Justine, Forbes & more, famous YouTuber Fiona Frills was frustrated when brands didn’t seem to understand her teen skin. That experience further led to Fiona creating Frilliance: a one-stop-shop of clean skin-care and acne-fighting makeup for sensitive, acne-prone skin at an affordable price. She recently gave an insight into her entrepreneurial life. 

Hi there Fiona. Thank you for joining us. For the people not yet introduced to your projects, can you please tell us something about yourself? 

Well just starting out, I am Fiona! I started acting & modeling when I was 8. I was featured on Disney shows as well as many national commercials. I started getting tired of being only selected for the way I looked rather than my personality & other characters I have. 

I felt like the industry was very shallow, so I decided to start posting random videos that show the REAL me, on YouTube at the age of 11. At 12 I started really struggling with my skin & I decided to develop a beauty & skincare brand strictly for teen skin. Currently, I am still doing social media empowering away on my teen-focused brand in 2022!

Who would you say is the biggest inspiration for your journey so far? 

I think creating a company & a successful life is all about surrounding yourself with the right people, getting help where it’s needed! My mom has played a huge part in my success. she has a successful business background, & has helped me through everything (literally everything) since day one including hiring contractors to run the back end of the company. 

What would you say is the biggest challenge of being an entrepreneur? 

One of the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur is simply starting whatever you may be doing. I am such an insane over-thinker I literally overthink the way I pronounce things (because I never want to sound rude). I was constantly overthinking the packaging, product & website… until one day I was like you know what I’d have to start somewhere & I can adjust along the way!

What sort of advice would you like to give to the people who want to take up a similar career path like yours? 

At the end of the day, the only thing that makes you successful is consistency, it helps you learn & expand. that goes for the gym, eating habits, getting up early, creating a business & creating social media content. everything is consistent. The key thing is to not give up, eventually you will reach the top. Eventually, the people below you will slowly give up. if you keep going you will get there it may take years, maybe just months but you have to keep consistent! 

What elements would you say helped you build a strong and loyal fanbase? 

Being authentic & real is truly the most important thing when it comes to building a community that trusts you. absolutely everything is built off of trust, so be real, be yourself even if people judge you do not listen! you will find your community. 

Check out Fiona's YouTube channel here.

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