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Fia Nyxx

10th May 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Fia Nyxx embraces a theatrical approach to her music, embodying a brilliantly experimental clash of genres to transcend her once, ‘pop-artist’ image.  This “first-rate,” old Hollywood glam-star, garnished with a rockstar twist, unleashes a masterful vision for storytelling and larger-than-life performances and continues to “break barriers with a WAVE of new listeners” following her latest release of sophomore album, Red Umbrella. 

Red Umbrella connects the dots along a path less travelled, embracing strength through vulnerability, divine-femininity, spiritual awakening, sexual liberation and a love story to stand the test of time.  Pulling back the veil birthed an evolved, honest body of work as authentic, daring, exhilarating and intimate as women themselves.  Throughout the album, Nyxx’s “provocative and impassioned lyricism,” embodies “the craft of storytelling at its height." 

Congrats on your new single ‘Red Umbrella’, how is this different from your previous releases?

Red Umbrella is my first body of work that captures everything I am as an artist, a woman, a human being.  Making this album was the first time I let all expectations and parameters go and just created art freely.  

Did you always grow up around music and who were your influences growing up? 

I’ve always had an inner rockstar, the soul of a performer, the heart of an entertainer.  I grew up dancing and loved an audience.  Being on stage is my moment to speak up and tell my stories.  I did that as a dancer and then a singer/songwriter, but always as a performer in some way.  

In 2018, you released your debut solo album, 'Everything Girl'. Now, you’re just about to release your follow-up, Red Umbrella. How do you feel like you have grown and changed since the debut album itself? 

I have grown so much since my first album.  I will always love Everything Girl because the whole experience was magical and defied all the odds, but now I am even more confident in who I am as an artist and what I want my artist expression to look like.  I’m a bit more daring, cross-genre, with new inspirations, and a deep yearned to continue evolving!

Bit of a hard question, but what is one song on the album that you love the most and why?

There is a very special song on the album called “My One Forever,” and I wrote it about my soulmate, my partner in crime, the love of my life, Dylan White.  In this ever-evolving, ever-fleeting world, he is my one forever, my one slip up in the universe, defying the odds and transcending this life’s “temporary” tendency.  He makes me feel immortal, our love is endless and when we are together time does not exist.  Naturally, I had to make a song about it… and I think it’s my best song to date. 

What do you want people to take away from this album?

I want people to relate, to hear themselves in my stories and in the lyrics of the songs.  I want them to feel inspired to create and live big, dream wild.  I want them to love someone harder, take that risk, stand up for themselves, enjoy their sexuality, embrace God in a way they never have before, love life, live loud, pursue happiness.

When you are writing and recording songs, how do you know which songs will make the album, as I’m sure this must be a tough decision?

I believe the album tends to write itself.  I often mention that when I am writing I am actually channelling something that is ready to come down, a vision, a message.  I used to think these were messages for other people, for the fans, but over time I’ve realised that they are also very much for me.  I didn’t set out to write an album, I just started making music as an outlet and to capture moments of time over the past two years.  Suddenly I had accumulated a beautiful, eclectic body of work.  Laid out like a storyline, with a beginning, middle and end, this journey unfolded before my eyes.  As quickly as it had come, I could feel in my heart when this chapter was closing, and that marked the end of the album.  Along the way, a few songs got dropped but I have no doubt they will return.  They were just foreshadowing for events or moments that weren't ready to be born during this chapter.  

What is next for you, any exciting shows, new releases? 

I have a single releasing May 13th called “Escape” with Bobby Newberry, and a few music videos releasing this summer.  I am also going to be performing at LA Pride (Mainstage) and other festivals, and spot dates in NYC, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Las Vegas, and more.  

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