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Fflyn Edwards

29th March 2023

Digital Editor and Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photograph Credits: Netflix

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

Special thanks to Andrew Phillips at Mark Jermin Management.

Surely you must have heard of the sensational phenomenon that “1899” created when the show was announced to be finally streaming on Netflix. Amongst the buzz of the mysterious plot twists and plotlines, emerged a discourse on one of the most striking characters; The Boy. Right from the beginning of the series, “The Boy” appeared to be a character shrouded in an enigma.

Initially shown as the little boy “shushing” at the camera at the end of the show’s teaser, Flynn Edwards’ surreal portrayal of the enigmatic character successfully lured the viewers towards the project. Fflyn’s impeccable acting range seems to be one of the most significant contributors to the rising fame and words of encouragement the young actor has been receiving from around the world.

Edwards’ ability to summon such powerful emotions and craft a perfectly articulated non-verbal performance with such ease catapulted him to the forefront of the entire ‘1899’ buzz and to the well-deserved fame the young actor has constantly been receiving from across the globe even months after the show’s premiere. 

Playing the young iteration of “Kaz Brekker”, in the second installment of the currently trending fantasy series “Shadow and Bone” seems to be another huge accolade for the Welsh actor who is already creating a massive impact within the Netflix universe days after the show’s release.

We recently had a chat with the wonderful Fflyn Edwards to discuss his experience working on ‘1899’, his creative process for the portrayal of a young ‘Kaz Brekker’ in the second installment of Netflix’s ‘Shadow and Bone’ as well as many other insights into his phenomenal acting journey so far. 

‘Shadow and Bone’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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