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Ffion Wren

28th October 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Ffion Wren is someone to keep an eye on where she's won 'The University of West England Outstanding Progress in Commercial Music' back in 2022 and has performed in venues such as Bristol City Football Stadium, Wales Millenium Centre and Bristol Cathedral. 

Wren talks to us about her debut single of 'Life In My 20's', the process of making the single and dream musicians she would love to work with.

Hi Ffion! Thanks for chatting with us. Congratulations on your debut single ‘Life In My 20s’. How does it feel that your single is finally out for the people to hear?

It's honestly been so overwhelming - the support from everyone and the fact that I can search for my music on these big streaming platforms is just crazy. I'm so proud that I've pushed myself to finally release something that means so much to me. 

What was the writing process like?

When writing 'Life In My 20s', I wanted to capture all of the aspects of growing older, the highs and the lows of being a young adult. I started brainstorming situations from my personal experiences, asked friends about their stories and searched forums online to really represent an honest journey. I wanted it to be as relatable to as many young adults as I could.  

Have you got a favorite memory from your 20s?

When I was solo travelling South East Asia earlier this year, my favourite memory was in Cambodia where a group of us were jumping into the sea, snorkeling and enjoying the most beautiful sunset. That's when I knew there's so much more to life that I wanted to explore. If I could get here on my own I could do anything. 

The artwork is absolutely gorgeous and so bold and colorful. What made you choose illustration as your first cover single?

Because the song represents so many different aspects of life, I wanted the artwork to illustrate the story of the song in itself as a standalone piece. People don't have to listen to the song for the artwork to be relatable. Plus I think illustrations just look amazing and are one of the best ways to tell an important story. 

You’ve also been busking around South Wales. What made you get into that? Also, how has the response been?

I tried busking for the first time about a year ago because it seemed like the best way to get my music in front of a lot of people that didn't know me. Now I busk often down Cardiff Bay and Caerphilly to engage with lots of local people. The response has been really amazing. People are so friendly and even though we're complete strangers, it's a chance to connect over a song or a lyric. 

Are there any dream collaborations you would love to make?

Birdy will forever be my biggest idol and inspiration for my music, so if I could collaborate with anyone it would have to be her! "Wings ft Ffion Wren" - I have to make this happen!

Lastly, if you had the opportunity to ReVamp anything. What would it be and why?

Although my style is acoustic pop, I would love to collaborate with other artists in different genres such as rap and liquid DnB. I love experimenting with music so revamping my style into a different genre would be super cool. Maybe even create an acoustic folk mash up!

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