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31st January 2023

Digital Editor and Cover Story:  Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Cover Design: Emily Curtis

Surely there might be a plethora of superhero projects that has made an impact across the world but there clearly is something quite peculiar and distinct about Disney’s latest offering “Extraordinary” which segregates itself from the other superhero shows out there.

A perfect blend of comedy, satire and impactful messages conveyed throughout the episodes, ‘Extraordinary’ prominently explores the life of four characters- Jen, Carrie, Kash and Jizzlord. (Played by Máiréad Tyers, Sofia Oxenham, Bilal Hasna and Luke Rollason respectively). The show deals with a novel perspective on comedy as it lures the viewers into the world of superheroes where everyone possesses the ability to garner a new superhero ability at the age of 18.

Focusing prominently on Jen (Máiréad Tyers), the show revolves around her character experiencing a sense of disassociation from everyone else due to being one of the rare souls who still haven’t received her superpowers. She is seen to be exploring different methods in order to gain her superpowers but the situations always end up in her failing and experiencing that feeling of detachment. Being in an active conflict of whether she is a “late bloomer” or simply someone who will never receive her powers, we can witness Jen’s struggles throughout the show. Jen feels unable to move forward, stuck in a dead-end job in a party shop. Her desired feeling of being content with herself occasionally seems like a far fetched dream.

The only element of comfort in her life seems to be emerging from her flat-mates that includes her childhood best friend Carrie (played by the wonderful Sofia Oxenham) as well as Carrie’s boyfriend Kash (portrayed by the brilliant Bilal Hasna). Both of them possesses the ability to talk to spirits and reverse time respectively. Meanwhile Luke Rollason plays Jizzlord, a being that has the power to shapeshift into a cat. Each of the four cast members have successfully delivered a stellar and heartfelt performance portraying their characters. 

Photo Credit: Joseph Sinclair

The show gives us a glimpse into the everyday lives of people with the most peculiar of abilities and watching the performance of each of the cast members alongside the phenomenal work of the writers and crew affiliated with this project certainly feels like a breath of fresh air amongst the redundant styles of humor we are prone to be watching these days. 

The concept is extremely unique and even though one might feel being exposed to this sort of landscape before, the show is not solely about the powers. It might deal with the redundant styles of abilities that we have been watching in other projects but the show’s writer Emma Moran have given her own unique twist to it. Every episode acts as an unexpected journey filled with impeccable content.

“Extraordinary” showcases various subgenres, some of them including humor, fiction, character bonds, redemption, friendship, twists as well as also aims on shining a light on the deep and impactful messages shown through the arcs that the characters take on throughout the episodes. This show is without a doubt extraordinary (much pun intended) and is a must watch for those seeking something light hearted to watch this weekend.

We recently had an insightful conversation with the four wickedly talented stars of the show, discussing all things “Extraordinary”.

Speaking of the initial stages of creating these surreal characters, Emma Moran, the writer of ‘Extraordinary’ spoke about the various steps it took in order to reach the final product which we currently see streaming on Disney+. 

“I believe I started off wanting to write a British-Irish flat share sitcom. It had straight comedy with a little bit of drama but it kept falling flat and I couldn’t really see a point of view emerging out of it. I was writing this when superhero movies were exploding everywhere and it was an unexpected, out of the blue thought about blending these two elements together. 

I decided to take this genre that is all about being the best, the fastest, the strongest and then try to combine it with a genre that possesses characters that are the complete opposite, the ones who have absolutely no idea what they are doing with their lives. The second those two things came together, all the ideas sprung out of that.”

Watch the full conversation with Emma Moran below. 

Original Series 'Extraordinary' is currently streaming on Disney+.

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