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Emma McGuigan

Emma McGuigan is a Youtuber based in the UK who loves pop culture. Her videos range from Twilight to Taylor Swift and her channel is for anyone who is looking for a place to fit in. Emma is a queer creator, loves to cry on the internet and is a scorpio.  We got to interview Emma on how she keeps her viewers entertained, You tubers she looks up to and what her favourite video was to create.

Where do you get your ideas for making a Youtube Video? 

I’ve always loved talking about media that’s inspired me, from music to movies and tv. I’m part of the generation that straddled mainstream media and the internet blowing up so nostalgia is a big thing for me. When it comes to video ideas, I keep a big note on my phone anytime I’m inspired by something I’m seeing or hearing, and I generally try to make it into something quite soon after so the video doesn’t lose its spark. I’m getting to a point where I know what my viewers want to see from me is just me having fun, so I try not to conform to too many pressures or focus on analytics too much, and just go with it. 

What's been your favorite video to create? 

By far it’s been anything Teen Drama related or my Lorde Ultimate Album. I think you can really see in those videos how much fun I’m having talking about topics I love so much. It’s so special getting to share that with the people that watch my channel, because we all share these interests and niche memories even though we’ve never even been in the same room. It’s like magic to me!!

Any Youtubers you look up to?

There are so many! My favourites to watch for comedy are Plumbella, Caroline Ricke, and Mike’s Mic, but I also love a calming vlog and am a big fan of Claudia Sulewski and Jessica Stockstill. I’ve also made some great friends on the platform like Ally Sheehan and Caitlin Marie Reacts, those are my girlies I look up to on the daily and I’m so grateful to know them on a personal level. I tried to do this interview without using the word girlies but I only made it to question 3 it looks like.

How do you keep your viewers entertained?

I try to really vary my content based on genuinely whatever I’m feeling like filming. I post all different types of videos, from reactions to rankings to gameplay sometimes too. Somehow it’s worked so far! I never want to box myself in by making any one genre of video because I know I’ll get bored if there are “rules” to the whole thing. I really think what keeps my viewers returning is that they can tell that I love every video I make, and I love interacting with them at the same time. And trust me, they entertain me too! Sometimes I think I’ve made them TOO comfortable because the comments they leave are so tapped but they make me laugh so much. We found each other on the internet, what a thing??

Any advice to anyone who wants to start doing Youtube videos?

This will sound corny but it is what it is… I think that any dreams someone has in their heart are truly put there by their future self telling them to “Start Now!” All you need is some natural light, a phone camera, and iMovie to get started. Have fun getting there, and don’t be a sellout. Like it says in the title of one of my favourite songs - Don’t Take The Money. 

Quick Questions!

Favorite Lindsay Lohan movie?

It HAS to be Mean Girls!

The Cheetah Girls or The Cheetah Girls 2?

This is so unfair… but the first one still makes me tear up. I’m an OG forever!!

Which Disney character would you want to be your best friend?

Raven Baxter, the coolest Disney character of all time!!

First concert?

OMG this is actually my biggest flex in life!! It was the Christina Aguilera (Stripped era)  and Justin Timberlake (Justified era) joint headline tour with the Black Eyed Peas as the opening act!! I was like 7 years old and my mom took me and my older cousins, it was amazing!!

A song that you never get sick off?

Supercut by Lorde or Read My Mind by the Killers!

Visit Emma's YouTube channel here.

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