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Emilia Tarrant

2nd November 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

It is undeniable that Emilia Tarrant is becoming fast known across the UK, from taking the stage at Glastonbury 2022 to being played on the UK’s favourite summer series Love Island. Off the back of a summer of successful live performances and tv appearances, Emilia Tarrant is back with her playful pop propensities in latest track ‘Slow Motion’, out now.

Check out the music video to 'Slow Motion' here.

Hi Emilia, thanks so much for talking to ReVamp, in 3 words, describe your music sound?

Emotional, honest and impactful (...I hope)!

You started to play the piano at the age of 12, has music influence always been around you and when did you discover a love for music?

Yes, definitely! Music has always been a huge part of my life. According to my parents, at the age of 4 I already knew all the lyrics to ‘Human’ by the Killers, so I guess I discovered my love for it then! I grew up listening to a lot of music like that, like Kings of Leon, Doves, Moby etc. I think even though their music is so different to mine, it definitely still had an influence on me as an artist now.

You have your new single ‘Slow Motion’, how did this new single come about?

I’m so excited that ‘Slow Motion’ is out! The song is about feeling as though you are slowly losing the person you love, and even though the relationship seems perfect otherwise, there are small niggling issues that don’t get solved. A lyric I love, ‘now we just dance round the situation’ I used to describe this helplessness.

What things make you want to write ‘Slow Motion’, and how do you achieve that?

‘Slow Motion’ came from a very personal experience of mine, all of my songs do. Songwriting for me is like diary-writing. It helps a lot when I write my emotions in lyrics, so much weight is always lifted off my shoulders!

I really needed to write ‘Slow Motion’ and let the emotion out, and with the help of Kingdoms and Bill Maybury, we got a great song out of it!

What influenced this sound and what made you want to create and talk about your own personal experience?

I worked with Kingdoms to produce the track; the upbeat vibe is very ironic for the lyrics, which I love! And the stacked harmonies and swirly reverbs are very me, so I love that about this production.

Talking about my personal experiences in my lyrics is very important to me because, one, as I said before, it helps me release my build up emotion, and two, I always hope that people are able to connect to the lyrics, and maybe, just maybe, my songs might actually help someone.

When you are in the studio, what is the process like? Are you straight in the headspace of recording and writing as soon as you are in here?

Going into the studio is always a fun experience. Quite often I will have never met the writers, or producers before, and bam, straight away you end up telling your life stories to each other! It’s a strange concept, but always means you write the best songs. 

What is next for Emilia Tarrant?

My 2nd EP will be out in the early months of 2023, which I’m super excited for and proud of! I’ll definitely still be gigging a lot too. So many exciting things to come!

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