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14th May 2021

Words by Pankhuri Bhutani

Ellise’s introduction to the scene has been explosive, to say the least. A born performer and artist, Ellise has amassed a rapid fan base through her pulsating music. Dropping her sweltering new album ‘Chaotic’ today, Ellise is ready to take this year by storm! The potential of her abilities lies in her utilization of contrasting musical ideas. Ellise bends the style and boundaries of pop, centering her handwritten gems around an infectious summer energy offering a hyper dark-pop vibe that’s as eccentric as it is nostalgic and a sound that is distinctively hers.

We recently had a wonderful chat with the talented singer-songwriter in order to dwell more into her projects and music journey. 

Hi there Ellise, lovely having you on ReVamp! How are you? How has your day been so far? 

Hi! Thank you for having me, I’m doing well ☺

You are about to release your debut album ‘Chaotic’ on Friday. Congratulations and good luck! How is this anticipation period going for you so far? Feeling excited or nervous?

I’ve been super excited and nervous as well, but the good kind of nerves. It’s crazy to me that my first album will finally be out after so much time was spent working on it. 

Is there a particular theme or message that you think resonates perfectly with this album?

I think this album is really a personal story, and for me it’s a piece of art that conveys everything I experienced in the past year of my life as well as toxic behaviours that have been motifs throughout my life. 

Would you say that the current pandemic has affected your creativity in any manner? (Positive or Negative)

I think the pandemic has honestly made me get more creative. I’m a very introverted person off the bat so being by myself a lot this past year has been very introspective. 

What was the creative process like with the album? When it comes to working on your music, do you need a specific setting to work in or do you consider yourself to be easily flexible? 

Honestly, I feel like I can make music anywhere as long as I’m inspired. For my album, the creative process was really just me going through eventful changes in my life and then making songs about them. That’s why this album is so personal to me- it’s such a storytelling aspect of my real life. 

Why the name ‘Chaotic’? Also, if you could describe this album only through one emotion of yours, which one might it be? 

The name Chaotic is simply called that because this past year has been extremely chaotic for me. The emotion I would best associate it all with is heartbreak. 

What’s next for you, Ellise? Any plans on your forthcoming projects?

Oh absolutely! I’m already making a new project… I don’t want to say too much yet, but hopefully I will be able to drop some more music later this year. 

Lastly, is there anything that you would like to say to your fans before they listen to your album? 

I just hope they all listen to it start to finish and I hope they feel something when they hear it. I’m so excited for them to finally hear this side of me and I hope they’re proud!!

Stream to listen to 'Chaotic' by Ellise here.

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