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Elliot Horne

26th August 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Jake Spencer

Dropping his new single this month 'Where Would I Be'. We got to chat to Elliot about the meaning behind the single, favourite lyric he wrote and exciting tours.

When did you start to get involved in music, and who inspired you? 

Thank you for having me. I’ve always loved music and performing from a young age. I remember my dad showing me Arena tour documentaries with big productions, dancers, pop up stages and thinking, ‘this is what I want to do’! He also took me to ‘Live’ gigs with one standout gig being Jessie J who was a big inspiration to me growing up with all her riffs and runs. I LOVE ‘Live’ music and always leave concerts feeling so inspired for my own shows.

Your new single ‘Where Would I Be’ is out now, what has the response been for this, and is it the response you were expecting? 

I’m blown away by the response and it’s far exceeded my expectations. It feels surreal for my first song to be out so I’m very grateful for all the support. It makes me even more excited to share the rest of my music.  

How did ‘Where Would I Be’, begin? Why did you decide to write this single? 

I was working on my music during Lockdown when a creative team in Los Angeles reached out via social media to produce music together. During late night Zoom calls I spoke about my influences sonically and visually, and how I envisioned my project of music to be. I would send voice notes of sounds I wanted to create and incorporate them into the production such as the siren sound in this song. Once the beat was crafted, I spent time developing the melody before adding the lyrics. In fact, I recorded a full track of ‘gibberish’ adding the harmonies and ad libs before I even started the lyrics…haha.  I wanted to write lyrics about how I was feeling at that specific time; which was feeling lost in all the chaos and having those late night overthinking thoughts that keep you up at night.

Check out the music video to 'Where Would I Be' by Elliot Horne.

What is your recording/writing process like, and when do you know that the song is complete? 

I wrote and recorded ‘Where Would I Be’ from my bedroom during lockdown as all the Studios were closed. I loved getting to record my own vocals and just kept adding more and more harmonies and sections… It was fun being involved in the vocal engineering side of the production and; if I’m honest; I feel like I could work on a song forever as I’m a perfectionist and would constantly tweak it. I had to learn that there was a point where you had to let go and put the song out for other people to hear.  

If you could choose 1 lyric from the song which is your favorite and why? 

 One of my favourite lyrics is, “I think that I should write this all on paper, coz trust me I will drive myself insane yeah, being stuck in my mind”. This sums up the whole concept of the song where I felt lost in my own thoughts and needed to let my emotions out. I think it’s so important for us all to be able to let our emotions out in whatever way works for you. Mine seems to be creating music.  

What is next for you? Any exciting tours? 

Lots more music is on the way which I can’t wait for people to hear. ‘Where Would I Be’ is just the beginning and an introduction to my sound. I would love to play ‘Live’ shows at some point soon so that’s definitely part of the plan. I can’t wait to perform my music ‘Live’. I’ve always said I want my shows to be a safe space where everyone can just be in ‘their feels’ and have a good time. 

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