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Drawing Soph

Interview: Amy Bell

Sophie is a creative from Birmingham, UK. Soph has built up her following by selling stickers, digital prints and gifts. Sophie also has an affordable Etsy store where you are able to check out all of her prints, stickers and gifts.  She owns 2 small businesses, her @drawing.soph and @sunlizarddesigns alongside a full-time job being a waitress and barmaid. 

We got to speak to Sophie about her creative talent!

Hi Soph, thanks for talking to ReVamp, in 3 words, describe your drawing aesthetic? 

3 words to describe my work would be Bold, Bright & Unique!

Have you always felt drawn into the creative industries or described yourself as creative?

Yes! Since I was young, I have always been more drawn to being more creative, especially at school, I always loved music & art a lot more than the academic side of things. I went on to study music and art at college, and I always thought my path would lead to working in the music industry somehow, however as time has gone on and when lockdown came around - I decided to do something with my artistic talent which is how my little business was born! I love being creative as it helps to distract my mind from my anxiety and life in general.

When you begin to create some drawings and stickers, what is your creative process and how do you get into the creative headspace?

When it comes to my creative process - I don’t really have one to be quite honest! And I sort of love it. I find inspiration from pretty much anything, it could be from a song lyric, to a quote I love, a current popular trend, to one of my favourite celebrities/influencers! I sometimes wish I had a bit more of a common running theme, but then I suppose that helps make me different! I also love spreading positive messages through my work too, I am a big advocate for sharing the message about mental health alongside other topics too which I love to show through my creative side. To get me into the creative headspace, I love putting on one of my favourite tv shows or music and shut myself out from the world to focus.

When did you realise you had a talent for drawing and how do you balance creating things for people alongside your full time job?

Last year during lockdown, I was bored of twiddling my thumbs constantly and I got round to painting an old birdhouse we had in the garden, after doing this people suggested I should sell them, which I went on to do. After doing this for a while, I wanted to start doing some digital drawings, so I bought myself a basic iPad and got straight to it! I had done it a little bit when I was younger but not much so I knew the basics. Looking back at the start of my page I love to see how much I have grown through my art! It is tricky finding time to fit my little business in alongside a full time job, especially when working up to 12 hours a day, but it’s always important to leave time for something you love doing! If I ever find myself struggling with everything and consider packing it in, I give myself time to draw something I genuinely love, and then that spark comes back and it reminds me what I’m doing it all for.

You have an Etsy store, what sells out the quickest and why do you think these sell out the most? 

My most popular items on my Etsy are my prints, and the one that has sold the most is my Tayce quote from Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 2 of ‘The Cheek, The Nerve, The Gall, The Audacity & the Gumption’ and also my Harry Styles prints and stickers. I think a lot of my followers are Harry styles fans and Drag Race fans as I have done a lot of work based around these themes and they seem to sell well!

What is the next venture for you?

As for my next venture - well I love to see what pops up next rather than to plan! I would love to create more album/single cover art for music artists as that’s always been a dream of mine! I am also always constantly looking for more inspiration to create more new content and products.

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