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27th February 2023

Interview: Jane Smith

Dici started getting in to music when he was seventeen and the start of COVID. Dropping his latest single 'Champagne Showers' we chat to him about the message behind the single, artists he looks up to and future projects.

Hi Dici, it's great to speak with you! I wanted to start off by asking that you started working on your new music when you were 17; what was the driving factor that got you started?

The driving factor was honestly boredom it was the start of COVID and I didn't have much to do so it became a hobby.

When you started, was it as a hobby, or did you really want to turn this into a career from the get-go?

It was a hobby to start and eventually turned into a career. It became a career when people around started saying they really like the music.

And where would you like this journey to go, are there any artists you look up to that you would love to get as big as?

I honestly will just keep making music I like and wherever I end up is where I end up. I'm more focused on just making good music. I would love to get as big as Drake, Ed Sheeran or someone like that but at the end of the day without good music it's a pipe dream.

Where did the ideas from your latest single, 'Champagne Showers', come from?

I was in the studio and when I initially heard the beat I skipped it, I thought it was too happy. Towards the end of the session I had used 
every other beat and started writing to champagne showers to kill time. As I started writing though it was very happy I honestly started to like it a lot. This is the song that opened the door to making more happy songs for me.

What was the creative process like, how do you go about creating one of your singles?

I'll be in the studio and C-Rod will start playing beats and I'll make an order to which we will make the songs. Then one by one we will go 
through writing a song to every beat.

If you could get anyone to collab on this song, who would you have?

One of the remixes on this is a collab with Wideboys and I honestly think that is the best version of the song.

Have you got plans already sorted for the rest of the year?

For the most part I do. In a few weeks I go to Japan for a few months. During summer I will be in London then go back to Japan after. Around 
fall I'll come back to the US and then go to Colombia.

You can check out more of Dici here on his YouTube channel.

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