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Davey Ty

Words: Owen James Vincent

Photography by Davey Ty

Photo taken by: Alex Conte media

Image Above: The photographer himself, Davey Ty

To celebrate Pride Month, we got to interview the lovely Davey Ty who is known to be a LGBTQ+ photographer based in South London. Davey is known to photograph Drag Queens from RuPaul's Drag Race UK and he's the face of the studio in South London, Hello Gorgeous. 

We had the opportunity to sit down with Davey to discuss his photography, behind the scenes gossip from being on set with the Queens and what his plans are this month to celebrate Pride.

Hi Davey. Happy Pride Month! How do you feel being a LGBTQ+ photographer in the creative industry?

I love it, it’s so rewarding working with so many people from the community. I don’t have a massive family network and a very small family circle, so doing this gives me a sense of family and the support. I know it’s all worth it, it’s like a huge family that’s growing and the LGBTQ+ talent across the UK is incredible.

Your work is eye catching, colourful and fun. How do you come up with your ideas for a photoshoot?

I often browse Instagram and other social media platforms, I come across new and old professionals and just think "Wow I want to create magic with them". We work together to find out concepts and ideas and get over excited. I'm constantly planning my next shoot ideas, just gives me an over all buzz and passion. Recently getting a particular passion for anything theatrical with my work. Also I wouldn't of had the help without Faye (Lotus Lasco) who spends hours creating magic on my images.

Models: Bimini (Left) & A'Whora (Right) from RuPaul's Drag Race UK

A'Whora's  image edited by Ryan Retoucher

Bimini's image edited by Lotus Lasco

You’ve worked with big Drag names such as Bimini, A’Whora, and Krystal Versace. Have you got any funny behind the scenes stories while being on set with the Queens?

What I always find hilarious is the general public’s reactions to my models. I've had funny situations where the general public look into the window of the studio because of the iconic looks these models bring to the table. I even had men do marriage proposals to the models from outside the window. It’s nice to see people smiling and enjoying it instead of negative energy you would of had a few years ago, it's way more positive these days and I'm here for it!

Are there any photographers that inspire you?

With photography I love to create my own twist on anything. I love so many photographers but one of my favourites at the moment for concepts and their outstanding work he produces is Rano Brac from Paris, his work is divine.

Model: Vittorio Franco

You are the face of the photo studio called ‘Hello Gorgeous’ in South London. How has it been during the pandemic?

Hello Gorgeous! I love love working with the team and our talent together are in sane! Nine years strong now, all my staff are still the same. I've got photographers all around the country working at the studio. It’s a nice balance with creative magic during the week with LGTBQ+ community. On the weekends we have families, couples and corporate. I've had such a healthy balance and so blessed to have people booking from all over the country to come to South London year after year to see us and to get a back story with photography is great. We all help each other out and I am blessed to have such strong talented staff and even the owners are all creative. 

As it’s Pride Month. Have you got anything planned? Will you be celebrating? 

With Pride Month I'm celebrating as best as I can as I am fully booked with shoots. I'm gonna put some intensity of bright colours into my work. I will have a few cocktails with close friends and a few cheers moments because I think the whole community is smashing it at the moment. I have seen so much growth in everyone over the years and I'm proud of that.

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