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25th September 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Born and raised in California, the young talent first fell in the love with the art of music at an early age. In elementary school, she began taking part in extracurricular activities like dance and musical theatre. As she grew older her love for the craft progressed when she started to consume the immersive catalogue of Taylor Swift. Having been bit by the music bug, Dasha started to pursue her own adventure in the industry and began to attend songwriting camps and voice lessons. Alongside developing her lyrical and vocal talent, she also learned the ins and outs of the producing world with her brother Bardo.

Congrats on another brilliant single, just take me back, was music always something that you wanted to pursue?

Thank you! Yes, music has always been a part of my life. My family is musical and they always encourage exploring my creative attributes. My love and connection to music really began when I was about 5 and started doing musical theatre. My first love was performing- being on stage was like a drug. I picked up guitar and piano around age 8 and naturally started writing songs. 

When you were younger, who did you listen to growing up and what was your dream job? 

Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne were my favorite artists growing up. I had all their songs downloaded to my iPod. I actually learned how to play guitar and write songs by covering and mimicking their writing styles.

Your new single ‘7 minutes in Heaven', what was this track inspired by?

7 Minutes in Heaven is a very honest autobiographical song. It was inspired by someone from my past showing back up in my hometown one weekend and the burn out afterward. It’s titled after the game everyone used to play as a kid “seven minutes in heaven” because the situation the song was written about make me feel like a kid again in that he was pure happiness, but also made a fool out of me in the end. 

The chorus of this single ‘i’ll take 7 minutes in heaven for seven months in hell, that’s quite moving and powering, what does this song mean to you?

“I’ll take 7 minutes in heaven, for 7 months in hell” basically is saying I would (and I did) spend just a few minutes with you one last time, just to feel the way you used to make me think in return for spending months and months trying to get over you again. It’s about desperation and chasing that feeling no matter the consequence.

When you begin to write and record a song, what is your creative process like?

It varies from song to song. I have an extensive log on my phone of different song concept ideas, lyric, melody, and chord progression ideas that I usually pull from when I get into a writing room or session. I love writing songs in chronological order, starting with the verse- it allows me to tell a more genuine story. For reference, many writers like to start with the chorus to nail the concept first, but that seems backward to me.

How do you know when a song is finished and ready for release?

For me, it’s easier to tell when a song’s writing and composition are done rather than when the production is done. It’s all based on a feeling. If lyrically and melodically it fits and is stuck in your head and feels complete. It’s a gut reaction. 

Are any exciting things coming up for you?

Yes! I’ll be announcing the release of my debut album in the next few months. I’ve been working on it for almost two years now and could not be more excited. Till then, I have a few singles coming out from the album, the next one called ‘Vegas’. 

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