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Darcey Hope

2nd July 2023

Interview: Owen James Vincent

Darcey Hope is the one to watch! Recently doing her debut gig at the biggest festival, Glastonbury and dropping her latest single 'Maybe Tomorrow'.

Hope chats to us about her time at Glastonbury, the message behind her single and why she wants KT Tunstall to be her dream collaboration.

Hi Darcey! Thanks for chatting to us! Congratulations on your gig at Glastonbury. How was it to perform the hugest festival in the United Kingdom?

Thanks so much! Performing at Glastonbury was so surreal at first. I could hardly believe I was there at this iconic festival. Just the name makes people sit up and take notice! I soaked up every minute on stage and wanted to go back on the second I got off, so I was lucky I had two sets over the weekend to do it all over again! I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity and it has made  me want more, of course! Everyone watching and the whole team at Croissant Neuf were so lovely and supportive. I can’t wait to go back and play again (fingers crossed) soon. My aim is to play those bigger stages one day…

How did you prepare yourself for this?

There was definitely lots of practising my “hello Glastonbury” in the mirror haha! You’ve got one shot to say it for the first time so it’s gotta be right!

Making sure I was taking care of my voice and resting up as much as possible before the long weekend ahead was the most important to me. Some of my songs have almost become muscle memory for me now as I play them so much, but practise makes perfect! 

You’ve just released your latest single ‘Maybe Tomorrow’. What was it like making this single?

The creative process for “Maybe Tomorrow” was, I think, my favourite of any song yet. I wrote it on a writing camp at a cabin in Hertfordshire with the amazing Scoop Monty and Caleb Harris (shoutout to the Cload family for taking us in for the weekend!) The song stemmed from a journal entry I’d written, having felt a lot of self-doubt and with my fear of failure creeping in. I took the journal in the next day and the song just flowed naturally from there. It felt like the song had already been written and we were just discovering as we went along. 

How excited are you that people get to hear this single?

So excited! It’s my most honest and vulnerable song yet. Almost everyone deals with imposter syndrome and self doubt at some point, I think, so I hope that people can connect with this song deeply. I would like to inspire others to step out of their comfort zones and also say what’s on their minds. 

Are there any dream collaborations you would like to make happen?

KT Tunstall all the way! She’s the reason I picked up guitar, her passion for music and songwriting style is awe-inspiring. I got to meet her earlier this year and she gave me amazing words of wisdom, so to collaborate with her would be a dream come true. Let’s hope we can make it happen someday ;) I would also love to support Jack Johnson one day as I grew up listening to and being inspired by his music from a very young age. I love his vibe and his ethos. 

Lastly, what can we expect from you for the rest of the year? 

More new music! These new songs are definitely a level up for me and I’ve loved exploring my sound through them. I am always writing, so there’s lots more where that came from later this year and into 2024…  Thanks for your support!

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