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Dai Time

24th March 2023

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Dai Time is currently under the spotlight for being a phenomenal young actress, media correspondent, author and recording artist further known for her quarterly publication “Dai Time Magazine” that aims to inspire youth to be leaders as well as her popular Gen Z Snapchat talk show “It’s Dai Time”. Having interviewed such A-List stars as Kris Jenner, Storm Reid, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tina Knowles and covered the carpet for the BET Hip Hop Awards and the Soul Train Awards, Dai is also an author travelling across the US in order to encourage youth to read with her book “My Tutu.”

As an actress, Dai Time has also starred in the prominent YouTube series “The Glo Show” and have also worked with brands like Fashion Nova and Fresh Empire as a brand ambassador.

We recently had a wonderful in-depth conversation with the talented soul discussing all things into her professional journey.

Hi there Dai. So wonderful having you over at ReVamp Magazine! How are you doing?

Hi! I’m doing well!!

How was 2022 for you so far? Anything you did in order to maintain your productivity?

2022 was a such a fun year for me. First was my huge sweet 16 celebration, which was followed by my graduation ceremony. It’s so exciting to have graduated 2 years early at 16. So far to maintain my productivity I’m just always on the move. I’m always looking for new ways to better my craft and learn new things too.

Let’s delve deep into your amazing career so far! Starting with your brilliant talk show “It’s Dai Time”. First of all, huge congratulations on the project! How has your experience been like on this particular journey?

My talk show has truly been a blessing, it’s always been my biggest dream to have a talk show and thanks to Snapchat’s 523 Program I was granted the talk show of my dreams called It’s Dai Time. And on the talk show I chat about all the hottest topics and trends from the perspective of Gen Z.

Where did the initial idea emerge for this specific endeavor? Are you enjoying the response that you have been receiving from your fans so far?

For as long as I could remember I’ve always loved asking questions and getting to know about people, so when correspondent work fell into my lap I instantly fell in love and I just knew that I wanted my own big platform to share this love on. My talk show has been so much fun and I truly love getting to talk about all of my generations favorite things.

Being an interviewer yourself, I know you must have had a conversation with many wonderful personalities. Who would you personally say has been the most memorable guest on your show/ a creative that you interviewed that really struck by you in all of your professional journey?

Definitely some of my most fun interviews were with celebrities like Kris Jenner, Gabrielle Union and Storm Reid but I really do favor all of my interviews since there’s so much variety. Chatting with all my favorite celebrities and asking them there thoughts on hot Gen Z topics is really fun too.

You also have your own magazine aimed to focus on the young and bright creatives from around the world. Having been involved in so many different creative endeavors, how do you personally take out the time to balance your personal and professional life?

It’s hard balancing both my personal and professional life but it does help to plan certain days to work and certain days to play. And I try my best to split up my time equally but sometimes it doesn’t always work and I do have to improvise.

What can you tell us about your YouTube series “The GLO Show”? It must have been a super fun experience hanging out with all of your other five cast mates. For the people yet to be introduced to it, is there anything that you can tell us about the show?

The GLO Show was a fun show I shot with 5 other girls and we were chosen yo represent GLO Up girl dolls. The entire experience was so much fun. The girls and I were able to live in a mansion together for a while, along with going on fun adventures daily and most importantly we got to inspire young girls around the world.

What’s next for you, Dai? Any exciting things you’re currently working on?

I’m actually super excited to announce that I just got an extension for my Snapchat show, so season 2 will be dropping soon. Definitely stay tuned to catch up on the latest Gen Z news!!

Kindly note: Some of the excerpts from this interview have been derived from other outlets with permission from the artist’s management.

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