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Connor Price

12th September 2023

Interview & Digital Editor: Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: Connor Price Management

Connor Price's impeccably diverse yet sensational artistic abilities can be witnessed in distinct forms. Being an industry juggernaut, Price has been showcasing his multifaceted talents across various forms of creative fields from acting, music, voice-over and much more.
Hailing from Toronto, Price's numerous talents successfully garnered him an extremely massive and well-established following; propelling him to become one of the most accomplished independent music artists to date. 

Fans had already projected a spectacular reception on Price's recent project in collaboration with Nic D — showcasing an entire EP with the artist that was released on June 23rd of this year. 

Apart from music, Price's abilities can also be observed through his phenomenal acting skills. You might recognize Price from his surreal portrayal as "Jay Braddock" in the Academy Award-nominated film 'Cinderella Man' or as the lead "Harry James" in the captivating World War II spy drama "X Company".

Having worked alongside some of the esteemed actors within the entertainment landscape like Patrick Dempsey, Virginia Madsen, and Damon Wayans Jr. Price was also seen in the gripping event series 'The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair'. 

Throughout his professional acting journey, Price has made his notable involvement on shows like 'Supernatural', 'Alphas', 'Carter', 'Flashpoint', and 'The Haunting Hour' and feature films such as 'Carrie', 'Good Luck Chuck', 'A History of Violence' directed by David Cronenberg, and 'The Stone Angel' featuring Ellen Burnstyn and Ellen Page.

Not only that, Connor's exceptional performance as "J.J. Bannerman" in the final season of 'Dead Zone' also bagged him a 'Young Artists Award' for 'Best Recurring Young Actor'; being one of the notable accolades for the artist in his successful endeavour so far.
Connor Price graces our recent cover of RsVamp magazine recently joining us to talk about everything from acting, music and much more; revealing significant insights into his personal and professional life. 

Hi, there, Connor. So lovely to have you over at ReVamp! How's it going? How has the year been for you so far?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. This year has been crazy so far - in the best way possible. I went on tour in Europe with Hoodie Allen, performed at Calgary Stampede, I've done a few really cool acting projects, released a ton of new music, and my son turned one year old. I also just found out I'm nominated for a Streamy award which is really exciting. Feeling good. Very lucky. 

I'd love to start this interview by asking what it really was that brought you closer to the field of entertainment and music initially. Was it something you always wanted to pursue from a young age, or was this a passion you developed later in life? 

I got into the entertainment industry when I was six years old. My younger brothers, Thomas and Ryan, are twins, and there's a lot of need for twins in the acting business. They worked on a lot of TV and film, and I saw how much fun they were having and decided I wanted to try it myself.

A few years later, when I was ten, I got to play the eldest son of Russell Crowe in the Ron Howard-directed film 'Cinderella Man.' I followed that by landing the role of young Dane Cook in the film 'Good Luck Chuck.' That really kicked everything off for me. After that, I continued to do tv and film my entire teenage and early adult life. 

When COVID hit, which caused acting to slow down a lot, my wife and I decided we needed to try something new. I've always been passionate about hip-hop and knew I liked to rap, so we decided to give it a shot, and it worked. Now, in addition to acting, I have music which has become a full-time job, and I couldn't be more grateful. 

You recently released your brand new EP "Till Next Time" alongside the wonderful Nic D. Huge congratulations on that! Do you remember the initial inspiration behind this project? How did this collaboration come to be? 

Thank you! We were really happy with how it turned out. It actually debuted as the 7th most listened-to album on Spotify for that weekend. I'm pretty sure we were the only independent artists on that chart too, which is awesome.

I've only known Nic for a little under two years, but I already consider him one of my best friends, and he's one of my favorite people to write music with. We've put out a bunch of songs together, and we pride ourselves on being as versatile as possible.

We wanted to challenge ourselves with a project where every song was a different sub-genre of hip-hop. So we've got a pop-rap song, a country-rap song, a Jersey club track, boom-bap, etc. We wanted not to put ourselves in a box and just have fun with it. I flew out to Virginia, where Nic lives, and we recorded six songs and three music videos in 6 days. We added two older songs to the tracklist ('Bankroll' & 'Gasoline'), and the project was done.  

Could you walk us through the overall creative process for the project? Did you ever face any sort of challenge during the production stage of the EP? 

We actually filmed ourselves making six out of the eight songs. It's over 30 hours of footage. I have to find time to edit that. The creative process when working with Nic is really simple. Since we are independent and don't have large teams, we are able to work really fast and not have a bunch of logistics to worry about. 

We go through beat ideas with our producer, 100Graham; then we just pass lyrics, melodies, flows, etc., back and forth until we feel like it's in the best place possible. I'm very detail-oriented and have a problem with overthinking everything. Nic always trusts his first instincts, goes with the flow, and does a brilliant job at not overanalyzing. We balance each other out really well when it comes to the creative process. 

We record ourselves and then send the raw stems to my brother-in-law, Christian, who mixes and masters them.

My wife, Breanna, then comes up with content ideas, and we get to work on the promo side of things. It's a really smooth operation. We keep it all in the family.

Not only are you a successful artist but your massive potential also branches out to be an extremely well-established actor and a voice-over artist. 

I wonder how you personally balance all these elements together out of your professional and personal life especially when it comes to managing factors like time management. 

Thank you! To be honest, it's not that bad because I have so much support. My wife is my music manager, so we're able to work together while also spending quality time together. Whenever I travel, Breanna stays home with our son, or our family members take care of him.

I record all my music out of my home studio, which is ideal. And when I'm traveling for an acting job, I can fit my whole set-up in my backpack and record music anywhere I need to. 

It already has been more than a couple of weeks since the EP was dropped. Are you enjoying the reception you are currently garnering from your fans on this specific endeavor?

100%. Every day I still see comments about the project. Everybody seems to have a different favourite off the project, which is so cool to see. I got to perform a few of the songs live for the first time in Calgary, and the response was amazing. Some people already knew every word. Best feeling ever. 

Being a multi-faceted artist and currently being involved in all these fields of acting, voice-over, and music, I'm inquisitive to know if you ever have any specific ritual to go into that helps you immerse into that mindset of working on your projects. 

That's a great question. I don't have any specific rituals to get myself into a mindset for projects. Every creative task is different. However, I do find that my daily routine is really important to keep me in a good creative mindset. Working out, for example, is a big part of that. I find when I stop going to the gym for extended periods, I start to lack motivation in other aspects of my life, such as the creative side of things. Staying active and making the gym a part of my morning routine always sets me up for a good day and keeps me wanting to be productive.  

Do you prefer a specific environment while working, or are you flexible when it comes to creating music? 

I've made 99% of my songs alone in my room. No engineer, no writing partners, nothing. That's definitely my comfort zone. I produce what I consider to be my highest quality music when I work by myself. But I'm trying to be more open to getting out of my comfort zone. For example, recently, I flew to California to work with Spotify for a song release that we did out of their studio in LA. It was my first time recording a song in a professional studio with an engineer. Took a while to adjust to, but I had a great time and feel there's a lot of value in pushing yourself to try new things. 

In such a short time, you have already established a huge fanbase from across the world. Does having such a large support ever add any sort of pressure on your future projects or do you perceive it as a personal motivation? 

It definitely adds pressure, but not in a negative way. It's more motivating than anything. My favourite thing is when I run into anyone that supports the music in real life. It's very rewarding to meet the people that make my career possible. 

What's next for you, Connor? Any upcoming projects you'd like to tell us about? Is anything on your bucket list for this year? 

Currently working on season 2 of my 'Spin The Globe' series, where I collaborate with up-and-coming artists from around the world. All my focus is on that at the moment. Bucket list-wise, I'd love to write a screenplay and develop a TV series and/or movie. That's a big goal of mine. 

Thank you for taking out your time for this interview, Connor!

Of course! Thanks for the chat

Lastly, I'd love to ask you if there's any message you'd wish to convey to your fans currently reading this interview.

If there's one thing I've learned from my music and acting career, it's that you're always one audition or one song away from a life-changing moment. Keep going.

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