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Comic Con India

20th June 2023

Digital Editor & Words: Pankhuri Bhutani

Award-winning actor Adil Hussain at Delhi Comic Con.

After a yet another sensational endeavor of a perfect amalgamation of comics, manga, cosplay, games, quizzes, panels, booths, stand-up special, music concerts and surprise virtual shout-out and Q&A from Sandman creator Neil Gaiman himself in the recent Comic Con convention in Delhi, India, Comic Con India has extended its phase to Bengaluru and Hyderabad for the year 2023. Comic Con India, the country's greatest pop-culture celebration recently announced that it will be back with its 2023 editions soon. 

Comic Con India recently showcased their exhilarating setup for the Delhi convention as one of the team's assigned volunteer dragged me around with much excitement to each of the gaming stalls and movie set-ups that included Barbie, Marvel's Antman, DC's SHAZAM, AVATAR: The Way of Water and many more. The convention was without a doubt a huge success as the flock of comic and entertainment enthusiasts flooded the stalls trying to grab their favorite goodies and meet cosplayers and fellow fans from around the world. 

The announcement for the 2022 sessions came as a relief to the die hard fans as Comic Con India had finally opened its gates for the fandom to experience the highly anticipated convention once again after an extremely long hiatus lasting a couple of years. 

Hard core pop culture enthusiasts cosplayed and put on a geek show with much excitement and zeal; while others participated in engaging contests and activities among others. A fun-filled action-packed three-days event brought various publishing houses, Indian and International artists such as Rick Leonardi and Matt Hawkins, standup comedians such as the world renowned Zakir Khan, Ashish Solanki, Gurleen Pannu, actor Adil Hussain, musicians Fotty Seven and many more.

Prime Video brought three of its biggest international titles - The Boys, Jack Ryan and The Rings of Power  to Comic Con Delhi. 

The booth consisted of multiple photo ops and mind blowing activities which were tailored for all the three titles which made the fans immerse into the different worlds of these Amazon Originals.

Comic Con India made it an event to remember for all attendees in Delhi with some thrilling experience zones by Warner Bros for DC’s Shazam, 20th Century Studios’ Avatar: The Way of Water figurines at display, Prime Video’s top international shows such as Jack Ryan S3, The Boys and The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power’s fun engaging games, Otrivin’s student engagement programme, Bingo Mad Angles’ contests and  fun games, Meta’s quirky 360 camera as well as cool photo booths and Universal Pictures’ Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. Maruti Suzuki's Arena enabled a simulated experience with futuristic driving through Virtual Reality.

At the convention, a lineup of comic book creators and artists were also present, as well as special interactive sessions were held for attendees to soak in all the new launches. Interactive sessions with Abhijeet Kini, Rick Leonardi etc. were also held.

Comic Con India 2023 recently announced its Hyderabad and Bengaluru conventions happening on 14th-15th October and 18th-19th November respectively. More information on Comic Con India can be found at-

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