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Interview: Amy Bell

"Writing ‘Release You’ clarified the direction I want to go moving forward. It’s the first song in which I feel I completely delved into exploring the different shades of my voice while writing it. I look at my voice as an instrument that can be used in a plethora of different ways, with different timbres and styles. Lyrically, it meditates upon the great awakening that is happening within the collective consciousness. It’s a warning that time is up for those people who continue to lie to us.”

Claudillea’s story is just as unique as her music. She was born in England, but grew up in Borneo, , Kuala Lumpurand the USA. Her classical training in the States revealed mixed emotions about opera in the contemporary world. On one hand, it’s an inspiring expression that should be accessible to all just as it was when it was the pop music of the era.

On the other, it’s being held back by its exclusivity and purity. Returning to London, Claudillea was determined to put those traditions in a fresh context that would speak to a new audience. It was a belief that first began to inspire audiences when she competed on The Voice. She was initially on Meghan Trainor’s team before being poached by Will.I.Am, her performances of ‘Paint It, Black’ and ‘Queen of the Night’ provides an alternative to the show’s pop focus.

Hi Claudillea, thanks for talking to ReVamp, where did it all start for you?

Thank you for having me! It all started with a really precocious kid, who grew up in Malaysia and loved to sing and perform for anyone who would give her their time. 

Growing up, were you always interested in the music industry?

I was always interested in Music, but also had no idea about the ins and outs of what I have come to learn is the music industry. I always knew I wanted to go into music, and initially went down the classical route, because I wanted a really solid technique. And now I'm here, making whatever music I like - living the dream.

You have a new single out ‘Release You’, what does this song mean to you?

It means a lot, as I wrote it whilst in a pretty angry period in my life. Through therapy and writing this song, I feel I released (no pun intended) a lot of that anger I was holding on to. 

It is a pretty impactful song, where do you get your inspiration to create music?

Thank you! Personal experiences, and I also draw a lot on what is going on in the socio-political sphere. I'm a classic woke millenial .

How is 'Release You’, different from your previous releases?

It's the first song I'm putting out, where I lay down some bars. Hip-hop has always been a huge influence on me, and I loved exploring that side of myself in this song. 

What do you want people to perceive when they listen to this release?

I want them to percieve whatever comes to them. Although I wrote it as a commentary on certain political on-goings, this song can apply to releasing any liars in your life, whether they are friends or lovers. 

I’m sure everyone wants to know, What is next up for you? 

More music! And more performing! My debut EP will be coming out in April. AHhhhhhhhhhhh!

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