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Chris Norman

26th October 2022

Interview: Ben Harrington

The trajectory of Chris Norman is something of a true rockstar. From being a frontman of the giant 70s rock band Smokie to releasing over 20 solo studio albums, Chris Norman sounds better than ever. 

This year, Norman invites everyone to join him for his latest endeavor of an upcoming cover album titled 'Rediscovered Love Songs' due to be released in November. This project will feature twelve tracks, including some of the biggest love ballads ever written vby artists like The Temptations, Elvis, and Roy Orbison.

For now, Chris Norman shares a brand new single, 'Always On My Mind,' and catches up with ReVamp. 

Hi Chris, thank you for talking to us at ReVamp, how are you doing today?

Very well thanks for asking

What are some of your favourite memories from being a member of Smokie? 

Having hits and sharing the adventure and success with the others, we were very close. 

You released over 20 solo albums throughout the years, how does it feel looking back at such a significant line of work?

Well I'm very proud of some of them and there are some I wouldn't do now. But generally the time seems to have gone so quickly.

What would you say were some of the pivotal moments of your career?

Having the break through success first with Smokie and then as a solo artist. Playing arena tours and seeing people with little lights on in the huge audiences we played to and feeling we'd made it.

What inspired you to put together an album of love songs covers?

I felt it would be enjoyable to record some of my favourite songs by other people and thought that my audience would like to hear me singing them too.

Do you have any special personal memories connected to any of the songs youve covered?

I saw the original Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green back in the late 60s and I always thought that I would love to play 'I Need Your Love So Bad’.

What do you think would be your next endeavour?

Touring and playing the album next and I'm already writing songs so they will be recorded in the future. There is also a documentary about me nearly finished which will probably be released next year.

‘Always On My Mind’: 

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