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Charlie King

21st May 2021

Shirt: Local Pattern / Trousers: River Island

Photography & Interview: Owen James Vincent

Make Up Artist: Tiffany Baldock

Hairstylist: Joe Reed

Styling: Lucas Armitage

Graphic Design: Emily Curtis

In 2011, Charlie King walked onto our TV screens in 'The Only Way is Essex'. Since then he's starred in multiple TV shows, walked down red carpets, presented at major events and is still going strong after a decade in the public eye.We got to speak to our cover boy about the highlights of his career to date, his new clothing line, and what the future may have in store.

Hey Charlie! Thank you for doing your cover photoshoot and interview with ReVamp Magazine. We’re here to celebrate 10 years of Charlie King being in the lime light. How does it feel?

My absolute pleasure. I've always loved your photography & trust your direction so it was a no brainer. I also love the idea of being part of something new, up and coming and creative. OMG *laughs* 10 YEARS AHHHHH.... Honestly Owen, where has time gone?? it's crazy!!!. If I stop and think about it, it really does blow my mind. I've done so much stuff in the last decade which I never thought I'd get the opportunity to do and I still feel like I'm 25 in many ways apart from a few more lines and grey hairs appearing in the beard. *laughs*

What have been your highlights of the last decade?

The list goes on and on. I think firstly an overall highlight is getting the opportunity to share my story with people over the years. I feel so lucky I could use my experiences to help others. On a career high point - I think flying out to LA to interview big Hollywood stars on a red carpet at the Beverley Hilton Hotel for a big media event was amazing. I remember sitting in the business class lounge at Heathrow with a glass of champagne about to board thinking 'how the hell as this happened?'.It was an amazing opportunity. But I've been very lucky to interview, meet and hang out with some incredible people over the years and I never take it for granted.

Clothes: ASOS

If you got to go back in time and speak to Charlie 10 years ago. What advice would you give him? 

Good question O....hmm, I feel with age comes wisdom. None of us know what's in-store for us do we, but I think I would say firstly Charlie - trust the process of growth, embrace change as it comes and remember not everyone is going to like or connect with you in life and thats perfectly OK! Love yourself first, stay true to yourself, stay humble and the universe will do its thing...(which it did)...I really do believe in karma.

You’ve decided to release your own clothing line called ‘By Charles King’. What made you start this and why now? 

Well...thank you for mentioning it...guys you've heard it here first haha...truthfully I've always wanted to build a brand. Before all the tv and fitness stuff I had my own business which I loved and felt it was a real representation of me. I love creating, building and showcasing. Over the years I have worked with many different brands and learnt so much about products/fashion and the influencer world that I thought NOW is the time to create my own thing. Ive always loved fashion, especially t-shirts and I know people are going to love the designs/mantra of the brand. Taking ownership, owning your crown, reigning your own Kingdom and being in control is the overall message. I want people to FEEL EMPOWERED when they wear a 'By Charles King' t-shirt...I've got huge visions for this brand. Watch this space.

T-Shirt with Hearts: By Charles King / Jeans: River Island

Outfit: Reebok / Socks: ASOS

We all know you're a fitness enthusiast on social media, have you got any ideas on what’s happening next? 

Over the years my fitness journey has been well documented. It all started way before Instagram and fitness influencing. This is where I feel a little bit of a dinosaur. I won't lie and say keeping a fit, toned body gets any easier as you get older - but my need for exercise will always be there. I think it's more about the enjoyment for me now as opposed to looking a certain way. I am currently working with some content creators for ways of getting simple and effective workouts out there. I don't wish to compete with the twenty year olds nowadays *laughs*. I still train individuals and love seeing them progress on their journey. I will always be a fitness enthusiast and promote wellbeing in my career. 

On the photoshoot you mentioned you wanted to “ReVamp” yourself, how have you done this? 

*laughs* well after lockdown and spending many months alone, it just felt like the perfect time to dust the cobwebs off and get back out there again. No more living room workouts or baking banana breads. That need to rejuvenate oneself through expression, fashion and photography. Truth is, it's been a while since doing this so I wanted to regain some confidence again. ReVamp seemed the perfect opportunity for this. I've loved this shoot today and having the glam fam, stylists, studio vibe etc. Been so much fun!! 

Clothes: ASOS / Shoes: Converse

What does the future hold for Charlie King? 

The million-dollar question...I am trying to live more presently nowadays. I am learning not to hold onto the past as much as I was and to embrace the changes which occur. I have so many goals I wish to achieve in this next chapter. Building the clothing brand, making a documentary about an issue close to my heart which I'm yet to talk about, be a daddy one day & to keep sharing my story. I truly believe there is NOTHING more powerful than sharing stories in life. As long as people are interested, I will keep delivering. This is just the beginning. 

You can visit Charlie King's new clothing line 'By Charles King' here.

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