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Charlie Hiscock

6th September 2021

Photography & Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Styling: Rory Mcnerney

Grooming: Rita Nieddu

Interview: Jordan Arthur

Clothing: Saalection

A big thanks to Portrait PR for making this happen!

Ferguson. Mourinho. Lasso. All iconic England football coaches, but only one them is the feature of a hit Apple TV comedy which has taken the world by storm. We’re thrilled to welcome a member of the sensational Ted Lasso cast to ReVamp for this exclusive cover, Charlie Hiscock. At a young age, actor Charlie has built up an impressive resume, and shows no sign of slowing down – with some tantalising new projects alluded to when he took the time to talk to ReVamp about all things Lasso, life, and his career.

Hi Charlie, thanks for talking to ReVamp. Apple TV's hit comedy Ted Lasso has just returned for a second season in which you play Will. If Ted had been coaching England in the recent Euros, how do you think we would have fared?

Hello, thank you for having me - it's a pleasure to be here. What a way to kick it off! If Lasso had coached England in the Euros I'm not sure we would've got as far as we did… Although with his belief in the team and everyone surrounding them, be it supporters or anyone else, the motto would be to believe and I feel like morally we would be more as a unit opposed to what the outcome was. 

You started your acting career at just nine years old, finding early success in CBBC's Combat Kids and TV movie The Borrowers alongside Christopher Eccleston. Then you took a break to focus on school. Was the intention always to return to acting? And how did you find transitioning back into the business?

Going to do my education really opened my eyes to the other career paths which I could've gone down, however in my heart I always knew that I wanted be an actor and that heart was still there! I decided to turn left when everyone else was turning right, and pursue a career in acting.

It was very hard to get back into it really because, yes, I started when I was nine years old and built up a fairly good resume, however I am not that person anymore - I am a new being!  I had to rebuild myself and reinvent myself and start from scratch, which was challenging!

In your career so far, you've already appeared alongside some comedy icons including the late, great Victoria Wood, Stephen Fry, and soon-to-be-icon Nick Mohammed. With "Ted Heads" already crying out for a third season of Ted Lasso, how are you enjoying working in comedy, and is it something you'd return to?

Comedy always holds a place in my heart because I love to make people smile or laugh, even outside of acting I strive to just make people happy and if I don't then I'm doing something wrong!

Working alongside the likes of Victoria Wood, Stephen Fry, Nick Mohammed, Jason Sudeikis; it's surreal, especially at my young age. However I have learnt so much from these icons and lucky to call some friends.

You've also shot a new thriller, The Wrong Place, where you're leading as Kane - a young man who finds himself in a pretty terrifying situation. How was the experience of working on such a different project?

As an actor, doing a drama/thriller is so exciting! There are so many different levels, layers, and higher risks at stake. The character I embody is a complete contrast to Will in Ted Lasso and I am lucky enough to be in a position where throughout my acting career, each character I have played has been completely different to the last and I love that! I love to challenge myself further and can't wait to see it.

Following on, how do you get on with spooky things in real life? Any phobias potential tormentors should note?

I really should say sushi… Or chocolate! But that is not the case. If I had to say something, I would say heights. That feeling when you're up against the ledge and you look over and look down. Ew. Words can't describe it. Horrifying! 

You're locked on a soundstage in Hollywood and you've got 48 hours to shoot a blockbuster. You're the star, but you can choose any director in the world to run it. Who do you pick and why?

Argh! These questions always get me, especially put on the spot like this! I would have to say David Fincher; I am a huge fan of his from the likes of The Social Network and Seven but it is a very, very close call.

It's between him or I would have to say Martin Scorsese. That man is an icon, and Goodfellas is pitch-perfection. 

I hear you're learning Japanese at the moment? Given anime is among the many major cultural exports from Japan, if you could be any anime character for a day, who would it be and why?

This is definitely the best question I've ever been asked, and I'm so happy that we're talking about anime now, so I can nerd out! I would have to say Erin Yeager or Zeke Yeager. I am a huge Attack on Titan fan, that show holds my heart. I cannot wait for the rest of the season four.

Toheeb [Jimoh] and I always nerd out about it on set and oh my gosh is it good! This is the best question I've ever been asked thank you!

You can catch Charlie in season 2 of Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ right now and in Secret Life of Boys on the BBC iPlayer. Interview edited for length and clarity.

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