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Cecile Sinclair

21st March 2024

Photographer: Jemima Marriott 

Stylist: Prue Fisher 

Make Up: Dani Guinsberg

Hair: Tim Crespin 

Interview: Amy Bell

Winning Holland's Next Top Model and starring in the AppleTV+ show, 'Ted Lasso'  Cecile Sinclair is making a name for herself. Sinclair is here to talk to us about her new role in 'Dune - Dune: Part Two', a day on set and she tells us what she has planned for the rest of the year.

Hi Cecile, you have appeared in a lot of popular films and TV shows. What made you want to get into acting and who was your biggest influence?

I’ve always loved performing and acting. I find the medium of film or theatre so powerfully moving and a real empathy machine that I’ve always been drawn to. It’s hard to pin-point my biggest influence as there are so many wonderful films, actors and teachers to list you might run out of space!  

You appeared in Ted Lasso what made you audition for this show?

The role in Ted Lasso was cast by the lovely Theo Park Casting team and they were looking for someone who was Dutch. Obviously, the show is wonderful and tackles a range of subjects like mental health and queer sexuality in sport and how society deals with these things - who wouldn’t want to be part of such an amazing show! 

You play the role of the Imperial Councillor in the sequel to Dune - Dune: Part Two, what made you want to audition for this role in particular? What makes it different from the other roles that you have done? 

The first DUNE was brilliant and Denis Villeneuve is one of my favourite directors. Arrival is one of my favourite sci-fi films and when I read that the sequel of DUNE was going to be filming soon, I told my agent it would be my dream to work on this and to keep eyes peeled for any breakdowns. I was so grateful to be invited to tape for Dixie Chassay casting for this role - I was back in the Netherlands visiting friends at the time and worked it for a few days before sending off my audition. It was my first role as principal cast on a feature-film which was a different format from other roles I had done before. I have worked on Ted Lasso, many short films and even two theatre productions. 

What does your day look like on set? 

Usually set days have very early start times so I try to get 10-minutes of meditation in, followed by funny-looking facial and tongue exercises that accompany a vocal warm up. I’m not a big breakfast person but love a coffee before heading into hair and makeup. Then into costume, review what’s on the schedule and head to set when called. This could be immediate but it could also be a long wait.Acting involves a lot of patience and it’s a team effort with many different components. Everyone has to focus on their respective departments and you have to conserve your energy and focus until ACTION is called.

When people go and see the film what are you most looking forward to people seeing?

I’m excited to hear people’s reactions to the whole thing; DUNE Part Two is just epic in every aspect! The characters and the acting, the story line, the direction and cinematography. There are so many discussion points. The battle is one of my favourite parts though!

What is next for you?

I’ve wrapped a wonderful short Western titled Dance To The Death directed by Alexander Simkin that’s coming out this year; as well as the short film Puzzlemind with director Asmae el Ouariachi, shot on an old super 8 camera for the Straight8 film competition. ( with my friend, writer/actress Rebecca Wilson, I co-produced our own film which is in its final stages of post-production. I’m always trying to create my own work or collaborate with friends, and recently I’ve also started writing a new short film project. 

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