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Cassie Marin

12th July 2022

Dropping one of her latest singles 'Floating' we got to chat to Cassie Marin about her the message behind the music and future projects.

You have a new single that came out last month called ‘Floating’, what is the message behind this song and what was the inspiration behind it?

It’s supposed to cradle you, fill you up with helium, and elevate you into the heavens. The inspiration was very much this. It was during a time when I needed to pause and sing, take a break from all the trouble.

What is your writing and recording process like?

"Floating" came together quickly— I was in the studio with Daniel Loumpouridis and once I heard the main synth chords, vocal ideas came to mind right away. 

Daniel and I work together in somewhat of an unspoken way; he manages to channel my energy without me sharing any personal current events, he can sense my emotional state and from there we always create together rather quickly. 

You are always creating new musical and visual dimensions. How is this song different from your previous releases? 

I love bringing to life the visions I see in my head, additionally, it allows me to learn deeper about myself through the visual moods and messages I convey. Floating is different because at its core lies a feeling that I don’t explore in other songs and inevitably this leads to a different sound, melody, and performance from me. 

When people are listening to your songs, what do you want them to feel? 

With every song I seek to find something new. I don’t tend to repeat myself even with songs from the same project. In the end, I just want to connect with my listeners, I want them to feel understood and accompanied. 

You have an album out later this Summer, how are you preparing for this release and what can we expect? 

The album has been playing peekaboo over the last couple months—trickling out in the form of singles. The preparation came in planning which songs of the album I would be releasing as singles first so that I could give my listeners a lighted path to the world and story of the album.

Stream 'Floating' by Cassie Marin here.

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