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Carrie Baxter

16th June 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Since Carrie’s debut single release in October 2019, she has been hotly-tipped having entered the Irish Radio Breakers Chart top 10 three times and received praise from key media including COLORS, Earmilk, Notion, Wonderland Magazine, Nialler9, District Magazine, Golden Plec and The Last Mixed Tape.

We chat to Carrie about music that inspired her and her single 'You'.

Thanks for talking to ReVamp Carrie, when you were growing up, who are you inspired by in the music world? 

A lot of different people really. Like most young girls at that time I was in love with the Spice girls, then as I hit teenage hood I really went heavy into hip hop & R&B. My house was a hub of music really, my family were the ones who gave me Norah Jones, Fleetwood Mac, Anita Baker & Van Morrison. 

You are a fan favourite thanks to your ‘Honesty' and the ‘Straightforwardness’.. was this always something you wanted to achieve when creating your songs?

I didn't really set out to achieve anything, its just how I am as a person so I guess it translates quiet naturally into my writing. I enjoy writing made up stories too but writing is healing for me so I don't have an option not to be. 

You have a live version of your single ‘You’, what made you decide to perform this single completely unfiltered?

It's just something I've always wanted to do. Me and a piano, one take, simple and classic. I had to write a song that I felt warranted this treatment haha and I love the lyrics on You so it was an easy choice to finally do it with this track. I'm a huge fan of space in music so I enjoyed being able to sing it with no distractions. 

Check out the video to 'You' (Alternate Version) here.

What is the song about and when people listen to it, what do you want them to feel?

The song was written for my friends wife actually, he wrote the chord progression and brought it to me asking me to write a song for her - from his perspective (he's not a singer lol ) and this came out. Unconditional love, soul mates. I'd like to think people feel peace for 3 mins. 

On the day of writing and recording, can you talk me through the process?

We pretty much wrote that song is 1 go. We went back and forth on the chorus melody for MONTHS ! I'm not one to change my mind on my first idea a lot of the time so we eventually landed back on the original. We got Alex Tierney on board to add BVS to the hook and he subsequently ended up writing the final outro/bridge section. Recording is a pretty similar process for me - I don't usually do many takes - I didn't on the original and also the live version was pretty much the same. Nathan - my friend who plays the keys in the video literally turned up a few hours before we sang through it and then hit record.

What is next for you?

A very busy 6 months ahead, lots of festivals, an irish tour, a london show anddd perhaps a surprise release (or 2).

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