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Carolina Gaitán

20th December 2023

Digital Editor & Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani

Photographer: Giorgio Del Vecchio

Makeup: Malejo Cangrejo

PR: Alexander Cubillos

Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Our latest cover star has been rising the stairs to success and she's only getting higher. You might know Carolina Gaitan from her numerous loved performances in Celia, Sin Senos sí hay Paraiso, Narcos and Malayerba among many others but the last few years pushed Gaitan under the massive spotlight for her sensational involvement in Disney's Academy-Award Winning Film "ENCANTO". 

Starring and lending her voice as 'Pepa' within the project and performing the widely-loved song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" written by Lin-Manuel Miranda; Gaitan's character was immensely loved across the globe; garnering her an extremely established fanbase. She was also recently seen performing at last year's Oscars alongside her fellow cast member Stephanie Beatriz and surprise guest- Megan Thee Stallion. 

We recently had a chat with ReVamp's latest cover star the wonderful Carolina Gaitan about her exciting professional journey so far, her experience performing at the Oscars, what her fans can expect from her upcoming projects and much more! 

Hi there Carolina. Thank you for joining us as our latest cover star here at ReVamp Magazine! How are you doing? Now that we're almost at the end of this year, how has 2023 been for you?

2023 has been a very gentle year, full of music and characters. I released my first album and was part of three different productions. Telling stories will always be for me part of my duty as a story teller but most of all part of my happiness.

I would love to know what it truly was that brought you closer to the field of entertainment. Was it something that you already decided you wanted to pursue from a young age or was this a passion that you developed at a later stage in your life?

I always knew it was my purpose but have to say that until I was 17, I felt it was something only for dreamers. Becoming an adult I understood that dreamers can relate with that purpose, discipline and passion and make things happen.

So far you have had a phenomenal journey in terms of your career within the landscape of entertainment; being involved in numerous successful projects and garnering so many accolades. 

What according to you has been the most memorable moment of your professional journey so far?

That moment at the Oscars performing "We Don't Talk About Bruno" with my Encanto colleagues after knowing "Encanto" was an Oscar-winner will be in my heart forever!

I obviously have to ask you a few questions in terms of your absolutely sensational involvement in Disney's "ENCANTO". Talk to me about how it was like being in the movie. Do you remember the audition process?

The audition process was so magical and surreal just like Disney. Performing at the Disney Studios at Burbank the song "Don't Rain On My Parade" felt so complete just being there. But then there was no word and silence for almost an year (due to the pandemic times). I almost lost faith and then I was told that it was me who was chosen as the one to interpret "Pepa Madrigal". It was crazy. Such a huge experience!!! 

How was your experience like lending your voice to a character and then witnessing the same character finally come to life. What was your first reaction to watching your own performance within the film?

We created Pepa's voice first in English almost without watching and knowing much about the story and character (because of confidential reasons). Just through direction by the amazing Encanto's directors- Jared Bush and Byron Howard and under the supervision of course of Yvette Merino and Clark Spencer. After finishing in English, I was selected to interpret the voice in Spanish as well. Then I was able to watch some finished scenes. But only until the premiere at the Hollywood Boulevard did I watch the complete film. It was absolutely amazing! 

What was your experience like working with the cast and crew of the film? 

We met each other for the first time only at the premiere. It was like introducing yourself to your family. All of them are lovely and absolutely talented and creatives. Love them and admire them so much!

You also performed an impeccable live iteration of "We Don't Talk About Bruno" at the Academy Awards 2022! Huge congratulations on that! 

Is there anything that you can tell us about that specific endeavour? Did you ever feel nervous during the rehearsals or the live performance?

I was very nervous before going out but to be honest, I enjoyed the performance and ended up feeling so comfortable that now I cannot believe it. I tend to cry when I watch it again and again. 

Any memorable behind the scenes you'd like to share that stood out for you in terms of working on ENCANTO or performing at the Oscars? 

I felt we were all representing our country Colombia and the outstanding Lin Manuel Miranda's work. That was such a responsibility.

What is your dream project? Any specific director or actor you always wished you could work with?

I'd love to work with Almodovar; singing and acting through one of his characters!

What's next for you, Carolina? Any upcoming projects you'd like to hint us about or anything on your bucket list for the year 2024? 

Yes! I'm developing a new character for a Netflix series and we will be releasing a movie on Netflix in February as well. Also, a song named "Flaco" is coming out with a very distinct and conceptual video. This is really exciting for me!!! I can't wait to share it with you!!!

(Thank you for taking out your time for this interview, Carolina! Wishing you lots of luck for all your future projects!)

Lastly, I would love to know if there's any message that you'd wish to convey to your supporters currently reading this interview? 

Thank you so much for having me! I hope to be with my musical monologue for theater really soon in London and also working on my music. I'll never forget my Abby Road Studios experience recording "This Is Me" with Hugh Jackman, Keala Seattle and the rest of the team!!! Hope to see you guys really soon!

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