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Carl Loughlin

18th October 2022

Interview, Photography & Editor: Owen James Vincent

Upcoming actor, Carl Loughlin chats to us about his on-screen movie 'In From The Side' and what we can expect from the movie.

For people who don't know you please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, I’m Carl Loughlin. I am an actor, originally from Liverpool. I love your magazine- and so grateful to grace your cover!

You've starred in the new LGBTQIA+ movie, 'In From The Side'. What can people expect from seeing this movie?

“In From The Side” is a fantastic new film that previews on 14th Sept in all Vue Cinemas and then is released in Cinemas in the UK on 16th Sept. Written, directed, edited and scored by Matt Carter, it’s a fantastic film about a love affair set in a gay rugby club. 

I play the bully of the rugby team. The two leads (“Emmerdale’s” Alexander Lincoln and Alexander King) are exceptionally moving …and I cant wait for audiences to see the film when it opens in cinemas in the UK on 16th Sept and then the rest of Europe and USA in 2023!

Do you think we get enough film & TV shows representing LGBTQIA+ in the industry?

No, I also think this film is different than any other I have seen. Its not about homophobia, AIDs or realising your sexuality, its not a film about “being gay”- it’s a love story, and how that effects the friendships and relationships within a team. Its also got its sport element being set in the world of rugby and I really think as the themes in it are so universal that anyone can enjoy it, it doesn’t matter that the main characters are both male.

When I grew up there was no one on TV and film that I recognised that was like me, I saw Dale Winton and Julian Clary -and I just didn’t see myself. I am really happy that the film is out there like this for future generations and I am extremely proud that I am involved.

You play Gareth who's known as the bully in the movie. How did you prepare yourself for this role?

Well, I hate bullies. Like a lot of gay men, school wasn’t the best time for me so I had lots of inspiration for the character. Before I auditioned for the film, I was in a gay rugby team -and even though I was in an “inclusive rugby team that was meant to be welcoming for all”, I still saw bullying and bitching and cliques within the team all the time.

Everyone knows someone who is a bully -and thought about that even thou he was the bully of the rugby team, he still had his vulnerable side and I thought about why would he become like that.

Any dream roles that you would love to play?

Apart from obviously the big films and Netflix shows- I would love to be in a northern soap. Hollyoaks is filmed round the corner from my house, but I have been brought up on my weekly dose of soaps from an early age and would love to have a juicy role in any soap – Hollyoaks, Emmerdale or Coronation Street.

I am dying to watch the new Disney+ show Willow, as I loved the original movie and to be in that would be a dream to be in that.  And I love anything a casting director called David Rapaport (@RapaportCasting) has worked on – but he is based in USA - and he doesn’t know I exist - so to get cast from him would be a dream. …and who knows, hopefully he might see “In From The Side” when it hits cinemas over there in Spring 2023!

Lastly, any message you would like to say to your ReVamp readers?

Go enjoy “In From The Side - I promise you will love it as much as I have loved being part of it. I’m sure you will love Gareth’s bitchy looks and put downs- but also watch out for a fantastic Christmas song (written by director Matt Carter @mattcarter1989), get ready to laugh with Pinkie (Pears Egan @pearseeganacts ) cry with Warren (Alexander King @alexander_king-actor), get ready to fall in love just like Mark (Alexander Lincoln @alexander_lincoln) and bullied like Henry (Will Hearle @willhearle)..but most of all enjoy the emotional journey of “In from the Side”….

In From The Side is now available to rent on all streaming platforms.

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