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Caitlin Shorey

15th May 2022

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Jonathan Pushnik

Caitlin is quickly making a name for herself with buzzworthy roles in television and film. Taking 2022 by storm, Shorey will make her television debut as the younger version of Clare Abshire (Rose Leslie) in the HBO limited series, adapted by Audrey Niffenegger's beloved novel of the same name. The tale follows the intricate and magical love story between Clare and Henry (Theo James), and a marriage with a problem...time travel.

Growing up in a wealthy family, the intelligent, charismatic and wise beyond her years; Clare's world revolves around Henry's visits. 

Later this year, Shorey will make her feature film debut in Mr. Harrigan's Phone, Netflix's film adaptation of the short story by Stephen King, from Blumhouse and Ryan Murphy Productions.

Thanks for talking to ReVamp, growing up what were your favorite things to watch?

I really don't watch a ton of TV to be honest but growing up I watched Disney Channel shows such as “Bunk'd” and “Jessie.” 

Who inspired you to start acting and how did you get into the acting world? 

My mother is always my inspiration and she believed and supported me in everything I tried. 

I started out singing and doing local theater. When the pandemic hit, I expressed interest in trying on camera acting, so I signed with Take 3 Talent and began auditioning for TV and film. 

You are appearing in the highly anticipated HBO series “The Time Traveler’s Wife”; how did you audition for this role, and what made you want to audition for it?

I received the audition from my agent, and it was my third audition ever. When I read the sides, I was very excited about the character Clare Abshire, as my mom had read the book and loved it, so it made me much more interested in the role. 

What has been your favorite memory on set? 

I have to say it was my first day of filming “The Time Traveler’s Wife,”running through the woods and having my mom on set with me. It was the only scene she got to see me film before she passed away from breast cancer. I am so happy I got to share that moment with her. 

How is this role different from any other roles you’ve acted in before?

This is my first television role, so I did not have anything to compare it to. I would say though performing on stage is quite different than on camera acting. 

Later this year, you’ll make your feature film debut in ‘Mr. Harrigan’s Phone’; how excited are you for the release?

I am very excited about the release! I grew up around a bunch of Stephen King fans, so to be a part of Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is a dream come true for sure.

You are doing some exciting things and we can’t wait to see what else you get up to, what do you do to prepare for these roles?

Thank you so much! I continue to take classes with my acting coach. I also work on voice with my vocal coach, so I can continue to prepare and better as an actor for whatever opportunities come up next. 

Who is your dream co-star?


Where can readers find you on social media?

I’m on Instagram @CaitlinMaeraShorey.

Catch the premiere of The Time Traveller's Wife today on HBO.

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