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Burl Moseley

20th March 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photo Credit: Kelly Balch

Burl Moseley is a face you probably recognise from your TV screen like Crazy Ex Girlfriend, Happiest Season, and recently Your Honour

We got to chat to Moseley about his previous roles, upcoming projects and dream roles he would love to star as.

Hi Burl! Thanks for talking to us at ReVamp Magazine. You’re currently starring in ‘Your Honour’. How has the response been to the show?

Hi, Thanks for having me!  So far, the response has been a little overwhelming.  I had no idea that it was watched by so many people until one day I saw The View and the co-hosts all started talking about it and how much they love the show!

What made you audition for this role?

The writing was just incredible and I thought the character had an interesting place in the world of the show.  With so many dirty-dealings going on within 'Your Honour,' the fact that my character, Zeke, was striving to keep the mayor's hands clean was fascinating.

You starred in ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ which I loved watching! I still play some of the songs. Have you got any funny behind-the-scenes stories from being on set with the cast?

Oh!  Probably too many! (laughs) I don't recall anything specific at the moment, except that we all had a VERY good time just making each other laugh on a daily basis.  We all still keep in touch and it's wonderful.

A movie you starred in that I loved was ‘Happiest Season’. Being part of the LGBTQIA+ community I completely understood the story as I’ve got friends who can relate to Abby & Harper's story. What made you audition for the role?

Again, the writing was spectacular, and I had never seen a movie where two LGBTQIA+ characters just go home and meet the family for the holidays!  I felt that I just had to be a part of this landmark film.

What would your dream role be? I could see you play a character in the Marvel Universe.

Wow, you kind of nailed it. I'd love to play an adult Miles Morales from some sort of multiverse.  

Lastly, have you got any messages you would like to say to your readers? Have you got any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

Nothing that I'm allowed to talk about at the moment, but would definitely like to tell the readers thank you for watching and that I appreciate them taking the time to read this interview.

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