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4 The Brotherhood

4th April 2023

Interview: Amelia Kang

The rising indie-pop singer, 4 The Brotherhood, has released a new vibrant single named “Care Too Much”, depicting the rocky road of growing up and embracing carelessness. Today we talk to him about his new single.

As mentioned, your new single is an indie-pop anthem about navigating adulthood. Was there a particular experience you’ve had that inspired this?

Hi ReVamp, thanks for having me! Originally this song wasn’t written about my own life however, I found that over time the lyrics began to resonate with me more and more. I envisioned driving to a motive and everything that could possibly go wrong happening on the way there. My car breaks down, left my phone at home and I’m hopelessly lost trying to navigate my way. Despite the dire situation I seem to have this incomprehensible ability to get overwhelmed despite the severity of my careless actions/ what’s at stake and I think that’s something that resonates with young adults. We tend to jump first and think later. If there’s anyone out there like me, I make decisions on the day. I suck at planning and I wait until the last minute with EVERYTHING. The beauty of this song is that it embraces my flaws. I’m far from perfect and I acknowledge that. I should probably be a more mature 24-year-old but I can’t seem to care and that’s ok. 

I love the concept of the music video with the skatepark – it really captures the light-hearted sound of your music. Are you a skater yourself? What was the inspiration behind the video?

Unfortunately, I’m not a skater. There’s a reason why I was performing and not skating haha. I have a lot of admiration for the skate community and skate culture, I really like the aesthetic of colourful graffiti and street art. A lot of my friends growing up were skaters but it’s just another example of something I was hopeless at. The inspiration behind the video was heavily influenced by ‘Demolition’, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. I knew I wanted to film in public, Lucas (Director/DOP) and I had the idea of doing these funny skit scenes interacting with random strangers. I think there’s something authentic about an honest public reaction. We loved how the movie communicated the theme of insouciance and we took that energy into our music video.

Your way of promoting your single with the signature mask and dancing in public is a really original way of getting your music out there. What was the inspiration for marketing it in that way?

London can be a very stush place. People barely smile, they’re always reserved and prefer to keep themselves to themselves. Anyone who knows me knows I have no care for making a fool of myself. I think I get it from my dad. Either way, I don’t care about what people think about me. I thought about how I could show this and we somehow ended up with a bright purple Gengar balaclava dancing around the city.I had no option but to do a guerrilla marketing campaign as I used all the budget for the music video haha. But Guerrilla marketing is my favourite, I think it allows you to be the most creative and get the most direct/ authentic engagement from a mass audience.I never expected to receive such an overwhelmingly positive response from the public. Never underestimate the things you can do for free. 

Check out the music video to 'Care Too Much' by 4 The Brotherhood.

How did you first get into music?

I’ve been into music for as long as I can remember. I started piano lessons at the age of 3 and transitioned to drums in high school and eventually landed on bass guitar as my main instrument. The move from aspiring to be a session musician to a producer came later during my time at uni. I started producing for other artists which I enjoyed at the time but I craved to make indie-pop and no one seemed to be on that vibe so I decided to start writing songs for myself and since then I’ve never looked back.  

Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your music career so far? 

I owe a lot to my parents who set me up with music lessons from a young age, bought me my first instruments, got me a Macbook at 16 so I could start producing and helped fund my school fees so I could go to the music university I wanted. They’ve sacrificed a lot to allow me to chase my dreams so I’m grateful to them for all they’ve done. I also owe a lot to my friends who’ve supported and encouraged me to keep believing in myself. I think that’s what I struggle with most is self-belief. Most of my close friends are also in the music industry so they understand when I get frustrated about certain things. They help ground me and pull me back to reality when I get too obsessed or possessive about things. More often than not, I call on them for advice or to critique my work. Sometimes all you need is constructive feedback from people that actually care. I play them stuff I’m working on and they do the same, it’s like for like and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You’ve already made such a name for yourself in the music scene with your captivating personality and sound - do you have any other projects planned this year that you could give us a hint about?

 Absolutely! The next release is already in the works, if you thought Care Too Much was energetic wait till you hear the next single titled ‘Adrenaline Rush’. I’ll be dropping another music video for that too so stay tuned!These singles are part of my debut EP ‘The Dopamine Effect’, which will be released towards summer. I’m super excited to put my first project out into the world. You can be sure to expect more dance moves, more masks and more mystery!

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