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Ergo, Bria

28th January 2023

Interview: Amelia Kang

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Ergo, Bria is the fresh new face of alternative rock. The singer-songwriter currently attends Belmont University and has played live shows in various cities such as New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan and more. Her songs are identifiable via their spine-chilling guitar riffs in thrashing overdrive, not to mention the dynamic rapture of her vocals. Her oeuvre of work so far oscillates from punk, metal, and heavy rock, to light and airy indie tracks, a stark contrast to her more classical roots as a pianist and violinist. It truly captures her capability as an artist to finesse any genre she pleases, and build a varied fan base by diversifying her craft. On January 27th, her new song “Can’t Wait” is out, in collaboration with artist, In the Mourning, as well as her first album to be anticipated in February. 

Hi, thanks for talking to us here at ReVamp! Could you tell us a bit about your new song and what it was like to collaborate with In The Mourning?

Thank you so much for having me! “Can’t Wait”  is a fun upbeat alternative song with a little dark undertone about getting caught up in the "hustle" culture (also known as the grind) that people live.  The song expresses the urge to want to do any and everything because if not, it feels like time is being wasted. It’s still a very fun song and can be looked at from different angles though.

Collaborating with In The Mourning was such a great experience. Amanda, the lead singer had previously asked me to do a remix on one of their songs and I really appreciated how thoughtful and talented she and her band are. As I finished writing the song, I thought it would be a great idea to have them featured on the song since I’ve worked with them previously and felt that they’d enjoy it because it’s in a similar genre as theirs. 

You really are gifted when it comes to your musicality with different instruments – would you say you have a favorite instrument, or are they all equally special to you?

That’s a super hard question. I feel like since I’m constantly changing and evolving as a person, my favorite instruments vary depending on where I am in life. But right now I’d say my favorite instrument is my violin, I don’t even play it as well as I used to but I recently picked it up and it’s been lovely. I’d say my Nord keyboard is very special to me because it took a lot of saving to finally get it. Since my main instrument will always be the piano, I love it and it’s also this cool red color that I think is sick.

I had a listen to your other track you’re releasing on February 14th, and I honestly got chills, not to mention how intriguing the lyrics are. Could you give us a teaser of what the song is about?

Yes! Teeth was such a fun and crazy song for me to write. It is the first song that I fully played everything on including drums, guitars, production, etc etc. I was very mad at this die-hard John Meyer stan (very snooty) because they were being very patronizing towards me when it comes to music. This happens a lot in the industry and I wanted to make a song that basically says “I literally don't care about all of your pretentious chords you're playing (even though I am good at theory) as long as it sounds good“ The song on top of being a reflection of my own experiences, also takes place in a comic world that I am currently working on. I want songs like Teeth to be played in the background while people are reading through the comics I make.

I heard that you enjoy watching anime – do you have any favorite shows you’re watching at the moment? 

The most recent anime I have watched is My Hero Academia and Super Crooks which I highly recommend watching. My favorites are Blood+ and Akame Ga Kill though (Skip Beat for a cute slice-of-life show).

You seem to love experimenting with genre-bending in your music, and you always pull it off! Are you planning on branching out into a genre you haven’t experimented with before at some point in the future? 

Yes of course, I will never say no to a new genre. Right now all I’ve been listening to lately is math rock so I definitely want to delve into that space. I also eventually want to do disco and pop just because I think it would be a feel-good project.

I’d love to see you do some gigs in the UK one day! Do you picture yourself touring internationally in the future?

I do! I really want to tour in the UK because a lot of the people I have met on the internet have been so welcoming and the scene seems like a very cool place. I just have to wait for either a new job or get signed or something haha.

Can't Wait is now streaming on all platforms.

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