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Bria Danielle Singleton

23rd December 2022

Digital Editor and Interview- Pankhuri Bhutani

Editor In Chief- Owen James Vincent

Photographer- Tyren Redd

Cover Logo- Emily Curtis 

Initiating her phenomenal acting journey merely when she was eight months old, Bria Danielle Singleton is about to be witnessed starring alongside the phenomenal Naomi Ackie, Stanley Tucci and a list of some of the undoubtedly known talents in the highly anticipated movie “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, a biopic based on the brilliant career and life of worldwide sensation Whitney Houston. Bria is set to portray Whitney’s daughter ‘Bobbi Kristina,’ shedding a bright light with an inside look at their family, Whitney’s personal and professional relationships, her love for the late Bobbi as well as her passion for music.

We recently had a chat with our latest cover star, Bria Danielle Singleton in order to discuss insights into her professional journey. 

Hi there Bria. So lovely to have you over at ReVamp! How are you doing? Since it’s almost the end of the year, what has been your most cherished memory of 2022?

Hi. Thanks for having me. I’m doing fantastic! My most cherished memory of 2022 is going to thespian society’s national event. At this event students from all over the nation compete, attend workshops, audition in front of numerous colleges, put on performances for their peers etc. I was able to experience so many new things, it was so exciting.

Before diving further into your phenomenal professional journey, I’d like to ask you what it was initially that brought you closer to the field of acting entertainment? Was it something that was there from the early years of your life or was this passion developed at a later level?

Well, I began acting at 8 months old. At that time, my older sister was pursuing acting, so my parents signed us with her manager. As the years went by, I took classes at YAW and booked film, tv and commercials. There were a few times I took a break because I just wanted to pursue other interests. I would say at some point, I just knew that acting was something that I was born to do. It’s a big part of my life.

You will soon be seen starring in the highly anticipated Sony Pictures biopic based on the brilliant career and life of Whitney Houston “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” portraying her daughter Bobbi Kristina. Huge congratulations on that! What was it really that made you accept this project? Since the late Bobbi Kristina’s life has been under the spotlight and is still been talked about from people from all around the world, did you ever feel nervous about taking onto this huge role?

Thank you so much! What made me accept the project is knowing who Bobbi Kristina was, how close she was to her mom and how important it was to tell the story by the people who knew her mom best.

Were you a fan of Whitney growing up? Did she in any way play a part in your life?

My entire family is fans of Ms. Whitney Houston. I have heard her music played in my house my entire life. She has and always will play a huge part in my life because her music will live on forever.

Bobbi Kristina’s life has had a true impact worldwide. How did you personally prepare for this role? Did the primary research involve the script exclusively or did you seek out any other source of research as well? And if you could have the opportunity to ask Bobbi herself regarding her journey or an element about her that you had a hard time grasping, what would you have loved to ask her?

I prepared for the role by watching videos of Bobbi and her family online, such as, interviews, concerts, and even a reality television show. If I could ask her anything, it would be, if she would have considered following in her mother’s footsteps and become a singer.

Is there any specific acting ritual that you love to immerse yourself in before finally going in front of the camera?

I like to go over my lines alone and then read with my sister or my mom. For this particular project, I wrote a note to myself saying that I was going to book the role. I sealed it in an envelope, taped it to my ceiling above my bed so I could see it every day and tell myself the role is mine. I believe in manifestation.

You are also active in your high school theatre program, currently directing your own school play! Do you possess any plans on directing professionally? If so, what sort of projects would you love to get your hands on?

Yes, I just finished directing our school play and it was awesome. I enjoy working behind the camera almost as much as I enjoy working in front of the camera. The type of project I would choose to work on depends on the type of story being told.

Where do you garner your major inspiration from when it comes to your professional journey?

My inspiration comes from watching black women break barriers in the entertainment business.

Having been involved in so many brilliant projects, is there any specific genre or type of project that you’re keen on trying out your luck in your future years?

I would love to work on drama. Working with A24 films would be a dream.

Lastly, I’d like to ask what’s next for you, Bria? Any upcoming projects you’re currently working on? Also, is there any message you’d wish to convey to your fans and supporters reading this interview currently?

Currently, I don’t have anything coming up at the moment, but I look forward to booking some great roles in the new year. Thank you so much for having me.

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