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Brett Landin

13th October 2023

Interview: Elijah Kang

Poignant and raw would be two words to describe the Dallas-based singer-songwriter’s storytelling within her music. Brett Landin is a contemporary country singer who is not afraid to address the good and the bad of love and relationships, among other personal realisations. Her captivating vocals are resonant of Carly Pearce and Kelsea Ballerini, and her songs tell a story where every lyric brings to life an even richer truth about navigating the world. Her recent EP release and her upcoming appearance at the Beachlife Ranch Festival proves that Brett Landin will only flourish more from here onwards.

Hi Brett – thanks for talking with ReVamp! How are you feeling after releasing your EP?

I feel absolutely incredible! It is such a beautiful and cathartic feeling to finally be able to put out a collection of songs that have been in the works for so long. There’s something equally relieving about having the EP out now, because now I have space in my heart and process to create music where I am at in my life now (which is a very different place then I was when I wrote the EP). 

How would you sum up your EP in 3 words? 

 Nostalgic, Authentic and Strong .

Your newest single “Slow Dance In The Kitchen” was inspired by your long distance relationship, can you tell us more? 

My boyfriend and I just started a period of long distance after I graduated college in May and he still had another year. Back in April, I wrote this song for him as not only an outlet for me to try and find the words to articulate my feelings about us starting long distance, but also as our anthem through this next chapter. I never thought I would record it or release it because it’s so personal. However, after a Tik Tok I posted  ( went viral and so many people commented their stories of long distance, my boyfriend and I decided that this song had the opportunity to be a love song for so many couples going through long distance. 

Since the record was written in collaboration with Christopher Harris, what was it like to work alongside him?

Chris is absolutely amazing and is such a prolific producer and musician in Nashville. It is an honor to work with him, always. He really is an incredible person and working together on so many facets of the EP has been such a beautiful learning experience for me. I am coming out the other side a better version of myself, both in and out of the studio and for that, I am beyond grateful. 

Congratulations on graduating! What would you say was the most valuable life lesson you learned from your experience in university?     

Thank you so much! I can’t even believe it, truly. That’s a tough one…I feel like if you’re doing university/college right, there’s a life lesson that you learn every day (for better or worse). I think if I could boil them all down though, it would have to be to listen to your gut. Even if it’s not “cool” or you have to leave somewhere earlier than you were anticipating, there is a reason you are having a feeling that something is off and listen to it!!! Trust yourself!

Who has been your biggest supporter throughout your music career? 

I feel incredibly lucky that the people around me in my life are beyond supportive and encouraging of my music and music career. However, I have to take a minute to highlight truly what a gift it’s been to begin my music career while dating my boyfriend. He is my biggest supporter, and cheerleader and best friend. He’s the person I look to in the crowd for a nod of encouragement and who I go home to to debrief and talk about what I could have done better or what I loved about each show. It’s really a magic layer that we are both experiencing together in our relationship. 

Lastly, you've just done Beach Life Ranch which is a huge music festival. How was the experience? What did you take away from it?  

It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Everything about Beachlife Ranch is just rocking in every way. The vibes, the music, the crowd- all of it. To have the opportunity to perform alongside some of my idols and artists I grew up on is a high I’m still riding. My biggest takeaway, I loved playing a music festival and would LOVE to play another soon. There are so many opportunities to connect with people from all over and I just love that! 

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