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Interview: Amy Bell

BOY SODA is an R&B-Hip Hop artist that needs to be on your radar. Based in Australia, the emerging talent has recently skyrocketed into popularity due to his diverse and hybrid sound. His rise in the industry began in 2019 when Converse selected him as the opener for Dominic Fike at their Converse X Camp Flog Gnaw event. After his performance, the young talent became inspired to create innovative music that would be cherished by both the mainstream market and tastemakers alike.

Fast forward to 2021 and the 22-year-old singer is continuing his upward trajectory with his latest single ‘Welcome To The Glow Up’. Backed by an electronic R&B sound, the track showcases the young talent at his most confidence and is filled with lyrics about his ever-changing journey and self-love. 

Thanks for talking to ReVamp, what was it like growing up in Australia and how did this influence your music? 

I had a really free-minded, creative childhood with some amazing parents that provided a lense where anything was possible. There wasn’t a deep love for r&b and hip-hop unless it was a 2K throwback which gets boring when you Gold Digger on repeat haha. But I had my own path to falling in love with that music and I'm so grateful that I can use it as a vector for my emotions. 

You’re new track ‘Glow Up’ is amazing! What was the recording and writing process like?

I think me and Korky made it in about 4 hours? Originally they had a sample of a Japanese funk song called Music Book by Tatsuro Yamashita and then we found out in the mixing stage that it didn’t get cleared lol. So the next day Korky rebuilt a new sample so that we could resample it (which they make look easy). Their musical maturity was really apparent in the way that they reharmonises and altered their sample so that it still made sense in a song that had been built around something quite different. 

What influences and themes do you want the listener to get from this song and your music?

I just want people to receive some high energy and feel personally involved in this euphoric space of celebration and self-awareness. 

Check out BOY SODA's video to 'WELCOME TO THE GLOW UP' here.

You were chosen by Converse to travel to the United States, to open for Dominic Fike, what was that experience like? 

Really validating! To have a company like that back individuals, let alone young creatives in that way is really cool to be a part of. Their philosophy revolves around recognising that young people are the key to the future and everything they do amplifies our visions. 

You signed a record deal in 2021, what would you want to say to your younger self if you could? 

Told you not to doubt yourself ( I say while still doubting myself a bit). 

What is next for ‘BOY SODA’?

I’m finishing off a body of work at the moment and it’s been a really fun process of bringing everything together and finding cohesion and harmony amongst what is essentially 6 conversations with myself. So I’m really excited to make that accessible to everyone because I think it’s really healing. 

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