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Bloom Twins

30th September 2021

Photographer: Luke Nugent

Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Interview: Amy Bell

Stylist: Kay Altamira

Stylist Assistants: Sheila Mendes & Sadie Davies

Hair: Andy Smith

Make-Up: Callista Lorian

Nails: Kezia Parkins

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

THE BLOOM TWINS (Sonya and Anna Kuprienko) are a dark-pop dichotomy proving themselves worthy of becoming part of Hollywood’s next generation of rising artists to watch.

The Ukranian-born and London-based twins are singer-songwriters and classically trained multi-instrumentalists proficient in piano, flute, harmonica, drums, guitar and production. The Bloom Twins made their mark on the music industry after releasing popular tracks like “Love Me Right Now,” “Fahrenheit',” and “Blue,” and touring throughout the U.K. and Europe with the likes of Eels and LP, Duran Duran, Seal and Nile Rodgers thus solidifying them as critical darlings on the rise. 

Recently, they released “DayDream'' with legendary Grammy-Nominated producer Benny Benassi on Ultra Records gaining top billing on coveted Spotify playlists like ‘Friday Cratediggers’, ‘New Music Friday Italia’, ‘Dance Room,’ ‘All Night Dance Party’ and many more. 

After touring extensively in the European and Far East markets with a number of high-profile artists, Bloom Twins made their U.S. debut by performing at the prestigious TED Conference in NYC. Shortly after they were in high demand to perform at several coveted Fashion Week events such as the ELLE Weekender, the Dior Collection launch and the Tommy Hilfiger x Zendaya launch in 2019, which led them to be profiled in high-end publications such as Vogue, Hunger, W, Numéro, PAPER, Wonderland, WWD, i-D  and sit front row during the Autumn/Winter 20’ London Fashion Weeks for Burberry, Lanvin, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Moncler, and Sacai. “We love to mix electronic and acoustic sounds. We love looking spooky and kinda punk rock when it comes to our looks, but yet with a ‘Madonna’ twist,” the duo stated.“We’re very fashion forward, music forward, acting forward.” 

Over the past few years, the girls have performed on BBC Newsnight and BBC’s “Game Changers of Social Media,” appearing alongside the likes of Kylie Jenner and Natasha Ndlovu. They were included in Unicef’s Imagine campaign alongside talent such as Katy Perry,, David Guetta, and Yoko Ono all while releasing their acoustic EP, WINTER’S TALES, featuring their most popular tracks to date "Amnesia", "Set Us Free" and "Talk to Me.” To top off their slow rise to the top, the twins’ popular single “Love Me Right Now” went on to amass over 1M+ streams and get featured in Pandora Jewelry’s advertising campaign. 

Hi Sonya and Anna! Thanks for talking to ReVamp, describe your fashion and music in 3 words?

Dark and pop. 
Opposites attract, and my twin and I are a perfect example. Our sense of fashion is hard to define but always pushing the boundaries.  It is both feminine and bold. It’s heels with suits, and boots with dresses.Same with our music. There are no rules and we refuse to be pigeon-holed. We like to bend genres and knock down the walls that separate music of different flavours. Dark pop pretty much means a mix of any genre which allows us to create without limitations. 

Since moving from Ukraine to London, how has London had an influence on your music? 

We were always in love with British music. When we were babies, our parents would listen to the Beatles non-stop. Later, we fell in love with Portishead, Massive Attack, Radiohead and other UK artists. We love dark yet sophisticated music, so moving to London and making music there felt like a  no-brainer. It inspired our style of music a lot. It’s dark pop.
Did you always want to become singers and who inspired your songs growing up?

Music was always part of our lives. We played piano from an early age and were classically trained. We don’t think we really chose it. We just really enjoyed doing it since we were kids, and the only logical and obvious choice we could’ve made was to become musicians.

You have recently released a new single called ‘DayDream’, how do you begin to write your songs and how do you have equal choices over the song, being a duo?

There is no right or wrong way to make a song. It’s not a math equation when it comes to writing music. I (Anna) mainly do instrumentals and production, whereas Sonya comes up with melodies and lyrics, and we both sing on the records. But we don’t allow ourselves to not think outside of the box, so whatever feels right to do in a song to make it better, we do without hesitation.

What was the recording/writing process like for ‘DayDream’ and working with a legend like Benny?

It was such an incredible experience! We wrote this tracks a few years back in LA, and it just stayed in a folder for quite some time. Then we DM’d Benny Benassi during the first lockdown and shared our music with him. He loved the vocals from the original demo of ‘Daydream’ and came up with the track pretty quickly. It was such an honour! We still cannot believe it. He is a very inspiring artist and to be working with him felt like a (day)dream.

How do you think this single is different from other singles you have released? 
It’s a true collab with Benny Benassi. It has many elements that shout ‘Benny’ at us, that represent his signature style. But at the same time, melodically it has a very ‘dark pop’ feel to it, which is the style we most relate to.

Tell us about collaborating with Jan Blomqvist on “High On Beat” and how the Sofi Tukker remix came out? Those are great names to be associated with! 

Nothing feels more humbling than sharing a piece of work with an absolute icon. We were big fans of both Jan Blomqvist and Sofi Tukker and never in a million years did we think we would end up collaborating with them. Once again, during lockdown we just DM’d them both on Instagram and the rest is history. 

During the most restricting times we believe that the music industry became much closer. We became this cosy little family with the same struggles and the same dreams to just get out and perform. The ‘High on Beat’ track pretty much highlights our addiction and the need to play.

Apart from being singers, you also do a few modelling shoots, growing up, were you always interested in the modeling side of things?

Fashion and music are like twins. They can’t exist without one another. Inseparable yet so different. We find strength in uniting both forces, and we’re lucky to have had the support of big brands that like our music and our identity. 

How do you think modelling and singing come together?

They both tell a story but are different tools. One pleases the eye, and another pleases the ear, so it’s only inevitable we wanted to double the experience, by bringing the two worlds together. 

What is one of the best outfits you have modelled? 

We have been lucky to wear some of the most iconic brands. This still feels like a dream considering our upbringing. We are from a small town in Ukraine and clothing used to be about just covering up and keeping warm, but damn… clothing is just so much more than that. It’s a form of art.

It’s hard to pick a favourite outfit, but one of them would be the Burberry studded jacket, Burberry black trousers, and the suits we wore to attend their fashion show in London. Another one was a custom-made Tommy Hilfiger denim suit with ‘Bloom’ and ‘Twins’ written on our backs. Also, Swarovski felt like an absolute dream. 

You work with UNICEF #imagine campaign, how did you get involved with this and what made you want to get involved in this campaign? 

It is very motivating to see big artists use their platform to raise awareness of the life of every child. Even though we are way smaller and look up to them, it nevertheless felt incredibly rewarding to be included in a family that cares. But even more special to use our love for music for greater good. It’s when we come together that we can make a difference. Together we can not only #imagine a better future for all, but also make it a reality. 

What is next for you?

We are far too excited for our next releases. They are also collaborations and products of the lockdowns. We cannot wait to get out and perform again. 

Check out the lyric video of 'High On Beat (Sofi Tukker Remix)' by Jan Blomqvist and Bloom Twins below.

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