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Billy Reekie

22nd April 2024

Interview: Amy Bell

Billy Reekie, a singer-songwriter from Fife, Scotland, has been sharing his musical talents since the young age of 9. With a passion for both the piano and guitar, Billy crafts heartfelt melodies that draw from a variety of genres.

Hailing from the streets of Scotland, Billy fearlessly takes his music to the public, busking and connecting with audiences on a personal level. Influenced by a wide range of musical styles, his songs resonate with listeners from all walks of life.

Thank you for talking to ReVamp, can you tell our readers a bit about you?

No problem at all! My name is Billy as you already know. [laughs] I’m a singer-songwriter from Scotland! 

How do you think your surroundings inspired your music? 

It rains a lot in Scotland so I spend a lot of my time indoors playing video games or listening to music! My Mom and Dad have a lot to answer for as they constantly had music playing in the house or the car. So music has been a constant in my life. Most of the time it was Motown if I was with my dad driving anywhere, he is also a singer so we would both be singing our lungs out to his favourites that have now become my favourites lol. If I were at home with Mom, it would be a lot of Michael Bolton, and Bryan Adams’s, all soft rock hits. 

What inspired your music journey, and how have you changed your music style over the years?

As I say, my Dad had a big role in inspiring me to pursue music as he did himself when he was younger. I think as a son you kind of look at your dad as a superhero (and mom of course) so I guess I just wanted to be like him. That’s probably what started it. 

My music has been a total experiment, to be honest. I can’t decide what genre I want to peruse as I just love it all but of course, that comes with its limitations. I try just to make what I’m feeling at the time. It’s been a lot of learning but I feel I’m at a place with my music now that I’m excited about and can’t wait to share. 

You were also on Little Mix’s ‘The Search’, what was the experience like, and do you think that gave you confidence in your music? 

It was a good experience and gave me a taste of what real pressure feels like. 

How do you decide which songs to cover on TikTok?

Thank you! I just try and sing anything I’m requested to sing! It gives me an excuse to sing.

Out of all of the songs you've covered, what would you say is your favourite one, and why? 

I don’t have a favourite, I admire all the artists I cover and love every one of the songs.

When you're recording for TikTok, you have a very chilled set-up, how do you prepare?

I just sit on the sofa, get my mum to hold the phone, hit record and sing haha!

You have released a few songs on Spotify, what inspired these songs, and what would be your favourite track?

To touch on what I said prior, those songs are very experimental and were more of a way to find out what I wanted to sound like. 

Can we expect any new tracks on Spotify soon? 

I have an E.P that I’m very excited about coming out at the end of the year.

What is next for you, as I’m sure a lot of your followers, would love to know?

Release the E.P., put on shows and see everyone live!

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