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Ava Rose

27th June 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Brian Jones

Breakout star Ava Rose Kinard plays the lead, Hera, in the Apple+ horror feature, Pollen. After a senior coworker assaults Hera, her dream job becomes a living nightmare as she tries to keep her career together while being tormented at work, at home, and in her dreams by a mysterious tree monster (that is representative of deeply rooted problems in our culture that are constantly spreading).

Hi Ava, thanks for talking to ReVamp, growing up, who did you look up to in the acting world, and was acting something you have always wanted to pursue? 

Thank you for having me! Growing up I had always looked up to Anne Hathaway. I remember watching “Ella Enchanted” for the first time and quite literally wanting to be her. I have wanted to pursue acting since I was around 10 years old. I started out singing then got scouted into acting through that. When I received my first scene I dove in head first and haven't looked back since. Best decision ever.

Have you always been confident in terms of your acting, and what have you learned on your journey so far?

I have not always been confident in my acting. When I first started out I would have described myself as “a force to be reckoned with.” I was very consistent and confident in my training. Around 14 years old I got foot surgery on both of my feet. I was out for around four years. Coming back to acting after that, I had lost a lot of my confidence. In the craft and in myself. I am now back in a happy, confident place; but it was challenging to get back here. I have learned that training and consistency is so imperative to feeling confident in your work. Confidence is key.

You are starring in the new Apple+ horror feature ‘Pollen’, how did this come about, and what made you want to audition for this? 

My friend, who is also an actor, had told me about the project and that he thought I would be a good fit for the lead role. I had never auditioned for any horror projects so I was excited to take on the new experience. After reading the two audition sides (which is acting terminology for scenes), I couldn't wait to audition and send in my tapes. I was immediately drawn to the storytelling and the message. It was an honor to even read for the role.

The feature is described as: ‘After a senior coworker assaults Hera, her dream job becomes a living nightmare as she tries to keep her career together while being tormented at work, at home, and in her dreams by a mysterious tree monster ‘, how important was it to you, to portray this character in the right way, and how did you prepare for this role? 

It was important that I portrayed her story in a way that would resonate with myself and audiences. That being said, I spent my days reviewing the entire script over and over to ensure I was able to uncover every detail to bring truth to such an emotionally charged role.  This helped me to focus on specific characteristics for her and allow me to play around in “her” world. The subject matter being as tough as it is, I really wanted to dive into scene work. With four days from receiving the script to shooting, I initially wasn't sure how to approach it. I decided to use what I knew from training, and break down each scene. 

Pollen was released on June 6th, what has the feedback been like?

The feedback on the film since the release has been awesome. Connecting with viewers has been so special. It’s also so cool to hear everyone's thoughts on the different elements of the film. I am so grateful!

How is Hera different from any of the roles that you have portrayed before?

I had not portrayed a character with such an intense mental progression. Hera is an emotionally charged person so I  had to really dig deep into the character's arch. Doing horror was new to me as well. I enjoyed the challenge of being on set and creating a scary world in my mind when it wasn't too scary in real life. 

What is next for you?

I am currently in pre-production with my second self-made short film. I am excited to continue acting on-camera while also exploring directing and producing as well! 

Where can fans find you on social media?

You can follow me on instagram! - @avarosek

Thank you so much for having me!! 

Pollen is now streaming on AppleTV+

Check out the trailer to 'Pollen'.

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