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Ava Breeze

Interview: Pankhuri Bhutani

Photo Credits: Ryan Clemens

Acting is one of the many diverse talents that Ava Breeze possesses. Besides acting, she is also an immensely talented model and singer. Also recognized as the “Face of Child Hunger” in the national “Feeding America” campaign, Ava has appeared in multiple national commercials and modeled for brands like Neiman Marcus and Chick NYC.

Recently dropping her brand new single “Young Love”, Ava is set to be involved in many phenomenal projects in her upcoming years. She is set to perform at the Sketcher’s Pier-to-Pier walk in October. Ava will also be seen as a series regular for an upcoming streaming network series titled “Irreverand”.

We recently got a chance to talk to Ava about her acting, modelling and singing journey! 

Hi there Ava. Thank you for joining us on ReVamp! How is 2022 treating you so far?

2022 has been great, I just launched my new song and music Video, “Young Love” on Valentines Day! I walked and performed in NYFW, I have new projects on the table. It is going to be an amazing year!

Is there anything specific that you’re currently doing in order to maintain your creativity during times like these?

I am writing music constantly, and always vocal training, and working with acting coaches. I HAVE SOME EXCITING THINGS COMING UP just can’t talk about them yet. The work you put in is worth it!

You will soon be seen as a series regular for upcoming streaming network series- “Irreverand”. Is there anything that you can tell us about this project as well as your character?

Judith is a devout religious girl that has her faith rocked and comes through it. Remember this is a comedy though so there are some very funny things that go on. 'Irreverand' is going to festivals prior to release, and then will be on Amazon Prime.

Besides acting, your interests branch out to a diverse number of fields. You are also a phenomenal singer and model. How was the experience like delving into both of these fields respectively?

I have done all 3 since I was little and to me they feel like one thing. I can’t explain it, it’s all “work” and it’s all a performance regardless of which one I’m doing so to me they all feel the same. The coolest thing for me, has been writing music! I started during the height of Covid, and decided to independently produce with our friend Josh Marsh in AZ through file sharing. He is a phenomenal musician and Producer. It’s been an exciting journey and with each song I learn more.

You recently dropped your brand new single “Young Love”. Huge congratulations on that! How was your experience like on the music video? 

It just dropped on Valentines Day along with the music video featuring Ryker Baloun as the love interest. It was fun to film because we are great friends and we’re actually having fun.

What was the creative process like with the track? Did you face any sort of challenges?

The process actually gets smoother and better with each track! I can only imagine what we could do in a real studio and in one room with a great microphone! That is the challenge with every song. That is my goal!

Where do you draw your major music influences from? If given an opportunity, who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

I love every genre of music! Including music before “my time” my taste is very eclectic. I love Tori Amos, Fiona Apple, Dave Mathew’s band (his lyrics speak to me)

I love song writers and lyrics! I love the art of it, so I love rappers also, it’s a form of poetry! In present day Billie Eilish, Sia, Aurora, Taylor, Lana Del Ray, Plumb, Placebo…. The lists are long. Music is literally my air.

What’s next for you, Ava? Any plans on your upcoming projects/collaborations that you would like to hint your fans about?

I will be doing more acting, and soon the album will be complete. I HOPE they are enjoying the journey…

Lastly, is there any message that you wish to convey to your fans reading this interview right now?

If the doors aren’t opening, try another door. Don’t wait for someone to find you… get out there and find them! We are our biggest obstacle! We believe we can’t, and make ourselves small! People tell me that I can’t… I realize their perception isn’t my reality. I don’t allow the negativity in.

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