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Atomic Kitten

1st March 2022

Photography & Editor in Chief: Owen James Vincent

Make Up & Hair on Natasha: Rebecca Richards

Make Up & Hair on Jenny & Liz: Victoria Penrose

Styling: Ashleigh Stunna

Styling Assistant: Monique 

Interview: Jake Whitworth

Logo Design: Emily Curtis

A big thanks to Miss Vivianna & Kemal Ibrahim at FVP Global and a big thanks to Flow Hub Photography for looking after us.

This month's cover story goes to three talented ladies that have been in the music industry for over two decades with numerous of top ten hits they are... Atomic Kitten.

We got to chat to the Natasha, Liz and Jenny about supporting boyband Blue on their upcoming tour later this year, new music and other girl groups that they would love to team up with.

Hi Girls! So happy that you’re back in full force and announcing that you’re supporting Blue on tour! Congratulations! How did this all happen?

Liz : The boys wanted to go on tour, they’ve been mentioning it for a while and we didn’t think it was the right time for us but then, the Euros happened (when everyone was singing 'Whole Again' at the football), everything just went nuts for us and it happened so naturally. We loved it so much that when Blue asked again for us to go on tour we just all agreed and said yes. 

Jenny: I have no idea…I think I’m in denial that its actually happening!

Now that you’re back!, are there any future projects in the pipeline? Will there be any new music?

Liz: We still talking about it all really. But I’m sure if there was an amazing song, we’d be really tempted then. 

Natasha: I think we all love to release new music but it’s finding the right style for us now. So the hunt is on, also I’m going to spend some time in the studio with some great new up and coming song writers to see if we can create something that would be suitable. I think if we find the right songs then the music will be there.

What’s your favourite thing about performing at festivals? 

Liz: We always say that the best thing about when we do shows is that the better a time we have on stage the more people enjoy the show. You can see it. So for me, we make sure we have the best time possible and then we have a great show. What’s not good about that?! 

Natasha: Nothing beats the atmosphere at a festival. Having thousands of people all there for one reason, and one reason only - to have the time of their lives! Also when you hear that many people sing your songs back at you you cannot help but get goosebumps from head to toe. Some of our most special memories come from festivals - I’ll never forget how perfect V Festival & Mighty Hoopla were!

Being in a girl group! The fans love seeing girl power! Are there any other girl groups you would love to collaborate with? 

Liz: All of them! Seriously! I wouldn’t be able to choose! 

Jenny: I love most girl groups.My daughters and I think Little Mix are amazing, we were in the top 1% of Little Mix listeners on the Spotify chart. We’re Mixers! Theres nothing better than a good sing along in the car.So many good bands over the years! If I want to annoy my son,I tell him to "Get a life” in an Irish accent a’la B*witched…it amuses me no end, he has no idea why I say it.

Natasha: I’m all for championing women in any industry! Girl / female groups aren’t as popular now as they were back in the 2000s but there are so many incredible female artists out at the moment. I am currently obsessed with Little Simz new album - “Sometimes I Might Be Introvert” her story telling is incredible- not really our style of music but getting in a writing session with her would open up so many new ideas. And I think another incredible artist would be Jessie J because I just want to hear her sing and she’s also a great songwriter. Another female who is slaying at the moment is Sinead Harnett, I love everything about her, she is definitely my girl crush. 

Would you girls be up for doing any reality shows? Like The Masked Singer? 

Liz: Not me. But I do love watching them. 

Jenny: Absolutely but can I host or judge please?

Natasha: The show looks like good fun and it’s something I wouldn’t rule out.

Lastly, what advice would you give to upcoming artists?

Liz: If someone doesn’t like you, laugh! It’s not your problem. 

Jenny: Be kind, be present, live it and love it…Performing your music and seeing it make people happy is such a wild experience that not a lot of people get to have -so give it your all and enjoy every minute.

Natasha: Stay focused, be relentless and enjoy every second. In order to be the best you have to put in a lot of hours of hard work in and this does take its toll on you mentally and physically. So looking after yourself is really key, finding things that hope you relax after a busy day at work or go in the gym in the morning beforehand so you can get focused. 

When I think about us back in the day all we did was work and we didn’t have that many things in place for our own well-being. This time round it’s so much different. I will be up early to go to the gym before I go to work. I will take time out throughout the working day just to gather my thoughts and check in with myself to make sure i’m feeling okay, and if I’m not what can I do about that. I know this one sounds really boring but get your sleep! Hahahah we did burn the candle at both ends years ago, and as much fun as it was, that’s something that won’t be carrying on this time round!

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