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Ashley Lloyd Shaw

Interview & Photo Credit: Owen James Vincent

Ashley Lloyd Shaw is an actor and dancer that you need to look out for! We got to talk to Ashley about his shows, how he got in to dancing and what advice he gives to upcoming talents who want to break in to the industry.

Hi Ashley! Thanks for talking to ReVamp Magazine. What’s one thing that we don’t know about you?

First thing that came to mind was that I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease when I was thirteen and another thing about me is that I love hot Ribena! I think it's because it's very soothing, very nursing to drink a hot version of Ribena. It's something that my Mum would give to me if I was unwell, so I just got use to it. It can be a conversation starter at sometimes as either people have never heard of it or wouldn't combine the two together. 

You’ve starred in many of short films such as ‘Euphoria’ ‘Blind Date’ and recently 'Return to Slygo'. Which project were you more connected to?

There's actually something that's coming up that I'm involved in that isn't out yet. I did a show called 'Urban Chronicles' that's a short film. Another show I've done is called 'Sunny Day' - basically about three Gods come to Earth and they pick one person to pick if they should do race humanity or not.  My character is not fond of humanity and it was a real fun character to play.

You’ve performed on stage in many shows. Do you remember the first time you went on stage? 

Three performances that come to mind is when I did Three Little Bears in primary school and doing one little piece of that role and I think it's also because my Mum likes to mention it. There's Aladdin as I played Razoul and I would also say, King Oedipus. Those are performances that I really remember!

You also do a lot of different dances. When did you know you had the passion to dance?

So with the dancing I only know one which is freestyle. It was around when I was fifteen or sixteen. Something that you can get with Crohn's is Arthritis on your hips. I was in bed, listening to music and I was listening to Cry Me a River by Justin Timberlake. I started to think of moves and choreography for that song. During that period of time I was bed bound and I kept on thinking about that choreography in my head, just kept on going over and over it until I was able to start getting up and doing it physically. My first piece of dance that I created was for a talent show at school and then I started to do a few others and from then is when I knew I had the passion for dancing.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to make it in the film industry?

First get really clear if this is the right path for you because if so you have to dedicate yourself to it. The reason why is because that's what is there to support in moment, where it looks like it's not working or the way that you wanted it to. You being dedicated will keep you going in the industry. The idea of acting it's got a very attracted appeal for many reasons and because it has that attractedness they would go in and do it and if it doesn't work then they suddenly give up. Also don't let it be the only thing that goes in your life as well, there's other aspects to look after and have fun!

Lastly, have you got any exciting projects coming up that you can tell your ReVamp readers? 

I have a project that's one of my own that I'm working on and it's in the process of being a short visual music story. It's off the back of a script that I've written and it's about Mother and Son being diagnosed of cancer at the same time and how they both deal with their own journeys. Hopefully it helps and potentially uplifts people as its meant to be empowering.

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