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Arum Flowers

4th September 2023

Interview: Flora Grafton

Newcomer Arum Flowers is bringing a hot taste of the European heat to the London music scene.

With floral and sensual sounds, Flowers has recently released her second ever single, ‘No Quieres’ and has made successfully brought a cocktail of Latin, smooth R&B and modern pop to life.

The Mallorcan-born artist has drawn on her Turkish, French and American heritage to break into the industry – and, judging by this new release, will see no sign of slowing down.

Hi Arum – welcome to ReVamp! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat to me today. How are you doing?

Hola! I'm thrilled to be here at ReVamp and excited to chat with you. I'm doing great, thanks for asking.

That’s great to hear! So, we’re here today to discuss your new release ‘No Quieres’, your second ever track to be released, can you start by telling me how you initially pictured the song to look and how it then transpired to the final piece?

Absolutely, let's get into it. When I first envisioned 'No Quieres,' I wanted to create a song that captured a sense of mystery and romance while still being catchy and relatable. As the creative process unfolded, the song evolved through collaboration and experimentation with different sounds and textures. The final piece turned out to be a balance between the initial vision and the wonderful contributions of the talented individuals I had the privilege to work with.

That sounds very cool! I hope you don’t mind me saying, but to me, your sound is almost as if Mabel and Doja Cat had a lovechild – it’s cool and mysterious, but also floral and romantic – who did you grow up listening to and which artists inspired your sound?

I'm flattered by the Mabel and Doja Cat comparison! Growing up, I was exposed to a diverse range of music from my multicultural background. I listened to everything from Turkish folk music to American Country. Artists like Aaliyah,Sade, and Erykah Badu resonated with me deeply. Their ability to infuse emotion into their music while pushing creative boundaries greatly inspired my own sound.

And at what point in your life did you realise you wanted to pursue your passion for music and make it a career?

The realisation that music was my calling hit me during my early teenage years. It was a gradual process of discovering my deep connection to melodies, lyrics, and the power of storytelling through songs. I began experimenting with songwriting and producing, and the more I delved into it, the clearer it became that music was where my heart truly belonged.

Ahh that’s super interesting. Now, you grew up in Mallorca but you’re of Turkish, French, and American heritage, so do you draw from your different cultures when curating your music?

Absolutely, my multicultural background plays a significant role in shaping my music. The diverse influences from my Turkish, French, American heritage and Spanish upbringing all find their way into my creative process. They infuse unique elements into my music, be it in the form of melodies, rhythms, or even lyrical themes.

Check out the music video to 'No Quieres' by Arum Flowers.

As I said earlier, this is your second release following your debut track ‘Magnetic’ and a hugely successfully feature on TÂCHES ‘Sofia’s Theme’, what 3 words would you use to describe your latest release?

Three words to describe 'No Quieres' would be: Enigmatic, Captivating, and Boogielicious.

I love those! And you worked with some big names on this track - Ben Esser, Izzy Bizu, Jordan Rakei, and Portugal. The Man – what was it like to work with them and did you feel you still had direction over the track? 

Working with such an accomplished producer like Ben Esser was a rewarding experience. It was a collaborative journey where ideas flowed freely, and each idea added a layer of richness to the track. We all worked together harmoniously to create something we could be proud of.

Well, the hard work definitely shows because the song is amazing. So, you recently featured on ¿Téo?’s North American tour. How was that?

The North American tour with ¿Téo? was a perfect way to be introduced to the world of touring. Being able to connect with a live audience and perform in different cities was truly inspiring. As for the future, my listeners can definitely expect more releases and possibly more tour dates. I'm constantly working on new music and exploring opportunities to share my sound with a wider audience.

That sounds super exciting! Now, my final question for you, Arum, is a question I like to round off all my interviews with. What would your Mastermind specialist subject be? 

Lastly, my Mastermind specialist subject would probably be "Evolution of Music Genres in the 20th Century." I'm fascinated by how different genres emerged, influenced each other, and evolved over time, reflecting societal changes and cultural shifts. It's a subject that combines my love for music and history.

Haha, that’s a great one! Well, Arum, thank you so much for speaking to me today. The song is fantastic and I wish you all the best of luck for the future.

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