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April Jai

15th August 2023

Interview: Amy Bell

Rising London pop force April Jai hits the nostalgic summer feel with her cover of “I Kissed A Girl” – the latest in a string of singles from the independent artist. Delicate acoustic guitars blend with an indie-pop feel, April Jai has brought a brand new vibe to the 2008 Katy Perry hit, bringing it forward to suit the current musical landscape. 

April Jai is a UK Pop artist currently residing in London. April has released 2 original EPs, as well as a stream on singles - including the TikTok viral, hit "It Ends With Us" - which has moved April from "the girl with the guitar next door" to "'the queen of sad songs", as referenced by her peers and fans. April's ability to tug on emotions through her songwriting, combined with her chill pop production style gives her the key to her audience's heart. 

Hi April, thanks so much for speaking with ReVamp, growing up, was music something that always interested you?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. Yeah, music has always been the only thing I’ve wanted to do. I grew up constantly putting on little performances for my family and singing wherever and whenever I could. It was no surprise to anyone that it’s what I’ve ended up pursuing. 

Who were your inspirations and who did you used to listen to?

My inspirations have changed quite a bit over the years but some have always stuck. Taylor Swift is the reason I play guitar and got into songwriting to begin with and she continues to be one of the biggest inspirations. I listened to a lot of country music growing up so a lot of my songwriting is still influenced by that style of music but I do listen to a lot more pop-centric music these days. Some of my current biggest influences are Olivia Rodrigo, Gracie Abrams, and Tate McRae. 

You are set to release your new single/cover of ‘I Kissed a Girl’ by  Katy Perry. Was Katy Perry a big part of your career inspiration-wise?

I’ve always adored Katy Perry and have seen her live so many times. She’s an incredible powerhouse and her album “Teenage Dream” is one of my favorites of all time. 

This song, is a very popular song, how are you going to be putting a twist onto it so it sounds like ‘April Jai’?

I think once people listen to it they’ll immediately realise that this is nothing like the original. It’s got a very chill indie pop feel that reminds me of a song in a coming-of-age movie. This is definitely the most indie I’ve gone with my sound so far but it definitely still has that “April Jai” undertone to it. 

What was the recording process like, when did you know it was perfect?

The recording process was so much fun and so easy! I really wanted to put out a cover and I was working on a few different ones with my producer but as soon as we landed on this one it instantly felt right! Production and recording wise it’s the fastest a song has ever come together which means I haven’t had a chance to get sick of it yet which is a huge bonus! 

How different is this cover, from songs, you have already put out, is it a different sound?

As I said earlier it’s definitely the most indie but it still has that chill pop sound that my listeners have come to love from me. It wouldn’t sound out of place on an April Jai record. 

How did you gear up for the release of ‘I Kissed a Girl’?

It's been a lot less pressure than releasing an original which I’ve enjoyed. When you’re an independent artist releasing every few months and doing it with the tiniest team it can get a little overwhelming and stressful but this has definitely given me a second to take a breath. Everyone over on TikTok has been really receptive to the song and I have a really loyal fan base who I absolutely adore!

Are any originals coming out in the near future? 

Yes yes yes! So much sooner than you think too. 

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