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1st November 2023

Interview & Editor-in-chief: Owen James Vincent

Photography: Sophia French

London-based Zimbabwean pop newcomer Ananya is an artist to keep your eye on as she's just dropped her latest EP, 'I woke up one night'. We chat to her about the creating the EP, the inspiration behind the gorgeous artwork and she talks to us about being co-founder of The Nani Wellness Project which addresses help for mental health. 

Hello Ananya! Congratulations on your new EP ‘I woke up one night’. The artwork is gorgeous, what was the inspiration behind it?

Hey ReVamp! Thank you. With the title of the EP being, "i woke up one night," I felt it was essential to capture the dreamlike landscape of what it's like to be a night owl, when much of my creativity takes flight. All of my tracks are intertwined with nighttime, some drawing inspiration from dreams or nightmares, and others sparked by late-night contemplation and restless sleep. I worked with the amazing Cape Town based Cult Wife to breathe life into this concept. Writing personal music often makes me feel like I'm floating, so we believed it was crucial to incorporate that sensation into the cover.

What was the writing process like behind the EP?

The writing process varied per track, but it was truly an incredible experience. The starting point was the most important for me because it shaped the essence of what I wanted to convey in a song. Drawing inspiration from my dreams has been an exceptional experience. It allowed me to write about characters that empower me, as well as truths I was previously unaware of. At times, it feels as if I have a crystal ball guiding my creativity. It's been an amazing journey.

Have you got a favorite track from the EP? For me, it has to be ‘bad for you’. That is a great track to kick off the EP!

Thank you! ‘bad for you’ found its inspiration in a dream that unveiled a truth I had been oblivious to. It was a surreal experience, using that truth as a foundation for an empowered decision. My personal favorite is ‘october’ because I feel it's my most candid and vulnerable track. It tells a poignant story from the lens of regret.

Are there any dream collaborations you would love to make happen?

The list is endless, but I would absolutely love to sit down and collaborate with Finneas. He's a musical genius and someone I deeply admire.

You’re also the co-founder of The Nani Wellness Project which addresses help for mental health. Do you think we’re seeing a lot of help for mental health? Is it being talked about enough?

I think we’re seeing a significant increase in support compared to previous years, and any step in the right direction is a positive move. Now more than ever, there is a strong emphasis on the importance of speaking up and seeking help. In my personal journey, I've been fortunate to have remarkable role models who showed me that I wasn't alone. It's crucial for us to use our voices when we feel capable of doing so.

What’s next for you Ananya? Are any plans coming up before the end of 2023?

Hopefully I’ll graduate with a master's degree and live life as a full-time musician! It would be amazing to work on a music video ;)

Lastly, have you got any messages you would like to say to your ReVamp readers?

Thank you for taking the time to read this interview, I really hope you like ‘i woke up one night’ and that it can provide you with the same healing and inspiration that it brought to me!

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