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Anabel Englund

Interview: Amy Bell

Photo Credit: Kris Humphreys

Anabel Englund has been on fire since the release of her album Messing With Magic which has earned critical acclaim from tastemaker press including ACCESS, Billboard, FLAUNT, Euphoria., 1883, Equate Magazine, Forbes, L.A. Weekly, Spin, Mixmag, and MTV UK. 

Anabel’s success is due to her knack for storytelling. She creates a sonic experience that intrigues listeners through her utterly captivating and dreamy vocals.

“When I write songs, at the time, I think I’m writing about one thing. It isn’t until months later that I realize I was actually writing about all underlying, deeper meanings that I couldn’t see at the time, making the lyrics feel more powerful and sincere”

We got to speak to Anabel about her new single release ‘rupture’.

Thanks for talking to ReVamp Anabel, tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Anabel Englund, I was born in New York City & raised in Los Angeles, California. I am a singer, song-writer, piano player, self taught guitar player (thank you youtube.) I love singing and DJ’ing for people. When I’m not working on music or out doing shows I am spending time with my closest friends, family and doggies. Authentic relationships are probably the most important thing to me. 

Your new single ‘Rapture’ is out in the middle of September after your beloved album ‘Messing with Magic’, how do you think the new single differs from the songs on your album?

I would have to say it’s a little more pop leaning because it’s an ode to Blondie’s rapture. It’s a bit funkier than my other stuff. 

You have performed at highly publicised events such as London and Milan fashion weeks, how do you prepare for those sorts of events?

I usually blast some Madonna, which-ever song or album makes me feel empowered. Recently it was her American Life album. Before I go on I say a prayer and if I feel nervous, which sometimes I do I just remember to focus back on my lyrics and the message I am singing. 

What was the recording and writing process for ‘Rapture’ and what did you enjoy the most out of the two?

The writing process was fun! It was challenging at first because the song is so iconic & I wanted to do it justice which I think we did. We as in me and the two other women who co-wrote the record. For this particular song I loved recording it. The rap, or spoken word bit is so fun to perform & melodically its so unique, like a rollercoaster for my voice.

 When writing a song, do you find it easier to write from personal experience or from other people’s experiences that you have heard?

It all depends. Sometimes I have something I want to share but I also find inspiration in other peoples lives and their own relationships. I find inspiration all over the place. 

How do you want the listener to feel and what message do you want the listener to perceive the song as?

The good thing about songs is that they are open for interpretation. I don’t I want it perceived any specific way. I just want the listener to be able to listen and enjoy something that I enjoyed making. 

Do you find talking about your experiences through song writing, does it help you have a release of these emotions?

Definitely. Song-writing is an extremely cathartic experience. I take my lyrics as a message from my subconscious and I treasure those moments and thoughts, those words. 

What is next for you?

MORE music, more videos more everything.

Check out the Visualizer to 'Rapture' by Anabel Englund below. You can also download the song by clicking here.

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