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Amy Swift

Interview: Amy Bell

Photography: Owen James Vincent

Make Up Artist: Bianca Bonjour

Styling: Jamie Russell

Raised in South East London she grew up to the sounds of Soul, Jazz and Motown. ​Amy has had many successes in supporting artists on their European tour, being on big radio stations such as the BBC radio and writing on The Voice in Australia. 

Her new single 'More To Us' came out on Friday! “The song is ultimately a song about heartbreak. About questioning yourself in a relationship, and if your partner really loves you. You know you deserve so much more but you're in love with them and don't want to let it go. I was really inspired  by Burt Bacharach on this track, the lyrics are really quite sad  and heart-breaking, so I wanted the music to be beautiful and  uplifting, creating the juxtaposition he always did so well.”

Hi Amy, how did you get involved in music and when did you realise you had a talent for it?

I got involved in music at a really young age like nine or ten. Probably from school standard stuff like the school plays and I got asked to sing and that's when people noticed I could sing. My Mum signed me for extra singing lessons and I went to Italia Conti at weekends and it just grew from there really. 

Growing up, who were your inspirations and how has your music changed throughout the years?

My inspirations were my Mum and Dad as they heavily influenced me to listen to Motown & Soul at a very young age. Growing up as a young adult I was really in to my R&B such as Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. When I discovered music for myself that's kind of where it led me. For my music now it’s the old stuff that ‘I really draw from’ like Motown and Jazz

Your new single ‘More To Us’ was released on Friday! Congratulations! What were you most looking forward to with releasing this single?

That's a great question! So the song is of my debut solo album which is coming out under my new record label. It's kind of proceding the album release which is the end of January. This is a long time coming because of Covid. I wrote these songs a while ago and I wanted to release them in 2020 but of course that never happened. So we decided to release it at the beginning of 2022. 

How was the writing and recording process for ‘More To Us’, and what is the message behind it?

I was working with my good friend and producer, Nadeem Daya and we used to meet up over the weekends and just hang out and jam on the piano, which is where the initial song came from. We then produced it up and Sam Ellis did some amazing vocal production on it, getting Angela Ricci from the Brand New Heavies on backing vocals. We were all really inspired by the layered harmonies of 70’s tracks from the likes of the Stylisticals and Delphonics.

The message is about being in a relationship and you just feel like you want more and the person you're with is giving you so much. You stay in the relationship and hoping it gets better and want to stay with them because you feel for that person. 

You had an amazing year in 2019, winning artist of the month, Supported Natasha Atlas on her European tour and wrote the winners single for The Voice Australia this year. Looking back, how do you feel knowing you achieved so much since then?

It's crazy to think that because 2020 and 2021 have been weird years because of the pandemic. We all went in to 2020 hoping it would be amazing as it was a new decade and then like Corona hit. A lot of stuff was put on hold but I was lucky that I could still write and one of the songs I wrote in lockdown ended up being JD Williams advert with Amanda Holden and Davina McCall. I was writing a lot of other stuff, including writing with my cousin Benny Land got to jump on his album which was great and got to jump on his album which was great. The Voice Australia came up and the track with Arlo Sims came out this summer, so that was really exciting! Looking back at it, it was a really deflating time but I did a lot! 

What is next for you?

Well, I've got the album release which is coming out the end of Jan. As the label is in LA, I'm planning to fly over which would be great and I'm planning to do a lot more writing as I love writing for other people and being a songwriter. It's funny this morning I got asked to do some writing for a couple of big artists so I'm very excited about that!

You can stream Amy's new single 'More To Us' here.

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